Bound by pride: Defending the egotism of Ohio State fans

For those who have not yet experienced what it feels like to be a piece of a thousand, passionate fans encircled around the brightly and consistently scarlet-and-gray-colored masses, all cheering for a common purpose, it may all seem a bit trivial.  For one, these fans get into this.  No, they don’t just get into this – they live for this.  These fans are so passionate about their school and teams that they go to great lengths to defend them as well as to celebrate them.

Those who don’t follow the “Buckeye Bandwagon”, seem to relentlessly find the OSU fans obnoxious and full of pride. God forbid one doesn’t sport the legendary scarlet and gray on any given game day.

This being said, that same pride and endless loyalty to the Buckeyes until the very end is what these fans should be remembered by.  Since when is it wrong to be completely and utterly enveloped within the seams of something you find yourself emotionally, and in some cases physically, captivated by?  Sure, they may be contemptuous at times, but don’t they have the right to be?

A recent uproar over the riotous behavior carried out by ecstatic OSU fans after the defeat of the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship Game has added more reasons for non-OSU fans to taunt the fans of Ohio State.  If anything, non-OSU fans should take this as a deliberate hint as to how binding to the hearts of students and fans this school really is.  If the school was anything less, there wouldn’t have been such an uproar.  Even the fencing quickly assembled as an attempt to sway students’ ability to make their way to the legendary Mirror Lake couldn’t stop them from taking the ice cold leap into the shallow waters during *ichigan Week as thousands had done before them.

At McNicholas, Ohio State fans are pestered by the nagging of fans from schools such as UC, XU, and OU.  Pure confidence of their schools’ winning ability is something that is absolutely always consistent in OSU fans and it really makes one wonder, isn’t that what you’re supposed to feel?  If anything, those opposing OSU fans seem to have formed an even larger, dislikable attitude which makes itself known to anyone who will listen, especially when an OSU fan is present.

To those who dislike the Buckeyes for their number of reasons, show equal, or even more, pride in your own school.  Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand what it feels like to be a part of something so great.


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