Keeping up with Conly: Trainer treats athletes with compassion and care

At any high school, many pieces are required to build a successful athletic department. At McNick,  Athletic Director Rob Heise, Assistant Susan Rohlfs, the coaches, and of course the athletes themselves are all what make the program what it proudly is. Though one of the most crucial pieces to the puzzle is the Athletic Trainer, Mrs. Cathy Conly.

Conly has been working with McNick for twelve years as the Head Athletic Trainer. Conley, who is contracted by Mercy Health and Wellington Orthopedics, has won over the hearts of many athletes through her devotion to her job.

“She is one of the most dedicated and loyal people I have ever met,” senior football player Sean Byrne said. “She helped me get back on the field and play as much of my senior season as I possibly could.”

Men’s soccer captain senior Trevor Hogue believes that without her it’d be impossible for Rocket athletics to meet their full potential.

“She is such a compassionate and understanding person,” Hogue said. “She really cares about getting you healed so you can get back on the field, but also places emphasis on injury prevention which is a vital part of any exercise,”

So what exactly does a day in the life of an athletic trainer look like? Every day is typically different according to Conly, but each is nothing short of eventful. Not long after school is dismissed the training room becomes filled with athletes inquiring about their injuries- big or small. Once practices begin is when time opens up to facilitate the athletes in need of more serious rehabilitation.

“We will spend time on sport specific activities, which varies a lot depending on what they do, but mostly involves running, cutting, jumping, working on balance, and throwing,” Conly said.

In the duration of Conly’s twelve years at Rocket High she has been blessed with many memories but has especially enjoyed getting to watch athletes who have been devastated by major injury get back in their games. In addition to getting to watch countless athletes bounce back, this past fall season left Conly with two unforgettable experiences.

“This year it was great to watch the Women’s soccer team win the State Championship at Crew Stadium.  The football team also honored me with their 12th man Award, which is something I will never forget,” Conly said

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