Privileges prevail: Seniors gain insight on earned freedoms

Senior privilegesWith only one quarter to go, everything is changing and for the Class of 2015 that includes privileges along with graduation. With the start of the 4th quarter on March 16, the seniors were given privileges that allowed them to express college choices by wearing their college’s spirit wear along with a proposed lock-in during April and orders for off-campus takeout.

In previous years, another privilege included girls decorating their skirts based on their college choice, and students being able to leave campus for lunch once a week.

These privileges are approved by the administration, and the only way seniors can keep them is if the class follows the rules. If seniors chose not to follow them, normal consequences ensue. Director of Curriculum Mr. Dan Rosenbaum said that this year’s Class of 2015 has been a “good class” and our privileges were granted because of that.

On March 12, 2015, Student Council President Elliot Higgins and Vice President Caroline Jorden met with Principal Patty Beckert and Rosenbaum to propose these ideas. When the college spirit wear was approved, along with the other two ideas, it was assured that seniors would wear college shirts that they were attending, or at least thinking about attending.

There was an email regarding college shirts and sweatshirt privileges that addressed seniors walking around in shirts not from their college choice. When the privileges were expressed to the senior class, it was unclear about what college shirts could and could not be worn. The administration will not send more emails about the college spirit wear if seniors wear only the apparel for their college.

“They (the administration) wanted it to be clear that students were to wear the shirts of their college though, nothing like wearing a Harvard jacket if you weren’t going there,” Senior Class President Elliot Higgins said.

In no way does the administration want to take away something from the senior class; they want us to have an enjoyable experience before we graduate from McNick.

“If we can do something for the seniors to enjoy their last month here, we want them to have fun,” Rosenbaum said.

Off campus lunch is a little different this year than it has in previous years.  If the seniors decide they want off-campus take out, the café workers along with the administration needs to be notified. Along with that, the administration wants to be included in the lunch itself.

“The administration is happy to work with us on almost anything we just need to bring the ideas to them. They are very willing to work with us; we just have to talk to them,” Higgins said.

One privilege, the Lock In during April, has only been approved as an idea, but not as a full privilege just yet. Chaperones along with activities and a concrete plan need to be presented to the administration in order for the activity to happen. The two ideas at this point are either sleeping in the Main Gym or camping out in the grass courtyard by the Glass Hallway.

Seniors have to remember though that as a class they have to abide by McNick’s rules for their privileges.

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