Villains storm McNick: English Department hosts annual Reading Week

Monday, April 20 through Friday, April 24, Reading Week returns, bringing with it a wide range of literary diversity, and more importantly, villains. This year’s theme is “The Big Bad Read,” and it is the 15th year for the event.

Inspiration for the theme of villains was pitched by AP Literature teacher, Julie Muething, and was carried out by Librarians, Mrs. Anne Jones and Mrs. Jane Ray, along with the rest of the English Department. According to Muething, the theme aims to represent the importance of a villain in a piece of literature.

Reading week focuses on the importance of reading and acts as a way for McNicholas High School to show the different aspects of literature. The English teachers created a list of activities that range from open mic lunch on April 22 to dressing as a villain on April 24. Those who want to participate in open mic on Wednesday, April 22 will need to submit their piece to their English teachers and sign up in Room 4 with English teacher Jeff Mulvey.

“It helps them appreciate that, though poetry is often enigmatic, it is accessible to all.  Anyone can write it and anyone can offer an opinion about what it means or why it is important,” Mulvey said, “Reading is a part of our everyday lives.  We eat, we sleep, we breathe, we read – we are humans.  It’s useful, every now and then, to remind us that it is also one of the more relaxing, creative, emotional, and invigorating human activities.”

At the end of the week, students will be given the opportunity to dress up as President Snow from the Hunger Games series, The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia series, Grendel from Beowulf, or “He Who Should Not Be Named” (Voldemort) from the Harry Potter series.

Also during this week, students will have the opportunity to read to the children at Presbyterian Preschool.

All Rockets are encouraged to participate in the many activities planned during this week and bring their favorite literary book to read during English class.

For a complete schedule of events, please see your email or your English teacher.

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