Bombs Away: A short review of Sheppard’s debut album

Recently on popular radio stations, Sheppard has debuted their hit song, “Geronimo.” Now, the band has released their first full album, Bombs Away, featuring many upbeat and pop- sounding tunes which are sure to find their ways into the hearts and minds of those who hear them.


This upbeat song kicks off the CD with an urge to dance and is a catchy tune with the repeating chorus of “Geronimo,” which doesn’t take long for any listener to begin chiming along with.  The overall message of the song works well with the upbeat dance inducing melody, focusing on the idea that in life we are given one chance to choose between two paths.  In this song, the singer is encouraging the listener to choose the bolder path and to jump into the opportunity saying “geronimo.”

Something’s Missing

This song slows down the flow of the CD from the upbeat first track with a steadier beat.  The song involves much of the same sounds and tunes as used in the first track, but the slower beat along with the overall meaning of the song, regarding something missing in the singer’s life, leaves a more melancholy tone.

Let Me Down Easy

This slow song keeps the pace of the last song, only the subject matter takes on a more pleading approach, asking the love interest to “let me down easy” before eventually leaving.  The chorus includes these simple words and continues on for much of the song, making the song very simple, yet sweet.

These People

This song maintains the slow and steady pace of the past couple of songs while singing of the hardships faced through the often negative attitudes and moods exuded by others.  Again, the singer is addressing a single person on this topic keeping the melancholy tone of begging a specific person for answers as to where the singer went wrong in life.

A Grade Playa

This song breaks the slower, sad mood set by the previous songs by starting off with a stronger, faster beat.  Being sung by a female as opposed to the first songs, this song focuses on the heartbreak faced by the singer due to the “a grade playa.”


Sung by the same vocalist as “a grade playa,” this song exudes a happier mood regarding the memories she holds of her past, which make her smile as the song title suggests.  The song exudes a cheerful upbeat tone which sets a different pace from the past songs.

The Best is Yet to Come

Beginning with an acoustic melody in the beginning with a relatively fast paced beat, this song focuses on the personally bumpy road faced by the singer and his struggle to realize that “the best is yet to come.”  The song isn’t as catchy as those previously sung with an upbeat pace, but still holds a good message.

This Electric Feeling

This song begins with a much different sound, holding a more techno – acoustic sound with a guitar and female singer.  The difference in tone in this song leaves a much more catchy melody.

Find Someone

Slightly slower paced in the beginning, this song then develops into a strong beat with a catchy chorus.  The song then develops into a stronger toned message to the object of the singer’s past affections, resulting in a darker mood.


This softer acoustic tune counters much of the negativity of the past song.  The song focuses on the idea that everyone’s soul mate is out in the world waiting to be found and is very likely very nearby.  The song maintains the slow beat and acoustic sound while singing to the almost day dreaming singer.

Halfway to Hell

This song begins with the country western acoustic sound and morphs into much of the same sounding beat as the album’s first song, “Geronimo.” The song’s message is that of the struggles faced when you dig yourself in a so called hole in life  as illustrated in this song in the chorus, “it’s a long way back when you’re halfway to hell.”

Flying Away

This song ends the album with the message that sometimes it’s best to just find yourself flying away, as the title states.  The song is carried out between both a male and female singer in almost conversation form, showing the two way street in situations as well as the two sides to every story.  The fast paced melodies of this last song end the album on a positive, upbeat note.

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