The Rocket High Bucket List: Must-do activities over 4 years

There are many aspects of McNick that Rockets might want to experience before the final bell sounds of their high school career. Aside from earning good grades and making a team or joining a club, there are many other activities that should be on every student’s to-do list to have the full experience at Rocket High.

In a recent survey, 65 McNicholas students ranging from freshman to seniors ranked the top must-do experiences for every student at McNick before receiving their diploma.


Attend the Mardi Gras Dance and Pageant

By the time a Rocket reaches his or her senior year, most have witnessed the Mardi Gras Dance and Pageant. Since 1953, Mardi Gras has been a tradition of McNicholas High SchoolNo other high school in Cincinnati has an event like this, and celebrating the selfless service of students while also acknowledging our roots from the Sisters of St. Joseph who founded McNicholas has made this McNick’s most unique tradition.


Attend a sporting event for McNick

By attending a sporting event, students experience a sense of community while cheering on their fellow Rockets. Games quickly become another excitement of the school year when students are a part of the Launchpad, the nickname given to the student cheering section and can feel free to where green and white from head to toe and cheer as wildly (and appropriately) as they choose.


Attend After Prom

During After Prom, hosted by the PTSA, students from the junior and senior classes have the chance to participate in a wide range of activities, which include free play in the multiple inflatables filling the main gym, a photo booth, and t-shirt tie-dying, and raffled prizes from gift cards to concert tickets to high end electronics. The parent volunteers transform the school into a themed venue while providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.


Walk into the wrong class on Block Day or Homeroom

From freshmen to seniors, class changes and differing schedules like Block Day and Homeroom all leave the opportunity to walk into the wrong class. Senior Abbey Taylor transferred to McNicholas High School for the 2014-2015 school year, and expressed how she walks into the wrong class all the time and that she sees this as an initiation into the world of changing classes and high school.


Attend a Theater or Band Performance

The state award-winning McNicholas Theater and Band programs house the most talented of McNicholas’ students.  Not only will you find the performances Broadway-worthy, but you’ll be able to say “I knew him/her at McNick…” when you see the performers with their names in lights someday as professional actors and musicians.


Other Rocket Bucket List Must-Do’s

Other suggestions included taking a Morality class taught by Theology teacher Mr. Sam Roflow, eating the café cookies endlessly or curly fries and standing in line the whole lunch bell, breaking your school lanyard/ID, taking a trip to Student Moderator Mr. Gerard Kissel’s office, walking the entire route on Walk Day, spending a class in the nurse’s office to study (or sleep), and even riding the convent elevator alone. Many also felt that before graduation, attending the Homecoming Dance is something every student should experience.


Sophomore Josh Hoeflich said, “Try new things- it’s the only time we will ever be in high school, so we might as well make it the best and learn some more about ourselves. We can only make it as good or as bad as we want; we should make the best of the opportunity we are given.”


With the end of the 2014-2015 school year close at hand, and the Class of 2015 preparing for graduation, many seniors might feel that they need to experience something else before they graduate. This Bucket List is merely some suggestions for every class as to what can be completed before graduation hits. In order to experience high school, students need to choose what they feel will make it the most memorable.

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