Rules of Riverbend: dos and don’ts for attending outdoor concerts

On September 17, 2015, British indie musician Ed Sheeran performed at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. In contrast to other musicians, Sheeran is a one-man act who uses a loop pedal to create a sound as if multiple people are playing. Many McNicholas students were among the concertgoers at the sold-out concert. Senior Maria Ciampone said, “I really liked the concert and thought it was cool that it was just him and his guitar up there. He kept the audience entertained and was even very funny.” Every concert at Riverbend is a different experience. After the Ed Sheeran concert, students shared dos and don’ts of attending performances at this popular outdoor venue.

  • Arrive early. “Make sure you get there early so that you can get good seats,” Ciampone said. If you’re on the lawn at Riverbend then the earlier you get there the closer you can be to the screens to see.
  • Check the weather. Riverbend is an outdoor concert center, so if it’s good to know if a sweatshirt or umbrella is needed.
  • Dress comfortably. “Wear comfortable clothes to the concert. For girls, don’t wear heels that you’re going to regret after standing for twenty minutes,” junior Hannah Marshall said.
  • Be considerate. “Don’t try to push and shove your way to the front,” junior Liz Beck said. “We are all there trying to enjoy the concert so don’t ruin it for other people.”
  • Be a minimalist. Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t mind holding or losing suggested junior Claire Murray. If you have lawn seats, then you will probably be standing for most of the concert. Don’t plan on being able to sit during the concert.
  • Have fun. Senior Madeline Fehn suggested going with a group of friends to make sure you have fun. That way you will have people to stay with at the concert, and it’s always more fun to have your close friends to sing and dance with to during the songs

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