Q&A: Rocket Man embodies spirit of McNick

Rocketman has captured the hearts of many in his years at McNicholas.  He is at almost every football game and he tries to attend as many other major sporting events as he can so he can help get the fans excited.  He has a new custom-made suit this year by Stagecraft. The Class of 2015 donated half the money to pay for it, and the other half came from the Admissions Office.  In his green and white, he boosts school morale, and always has a positive attitude even when the scoreboard isn’t in McNick’s favor.

Q: How did you become Rocketman?

“There was an open house my freshman year, and they needed someone to come dressed as Rocketman, so I said I would. I enjoyed it, so I stuck with it.”

Q: What does it take to be Rocketman?

“You always have to stay happy and cheerful, especially at sporting events if the Rockets are losing.”

Q: What made you decide to continue to be Rocketman?

“I really enjoyed it, and it gave me something to do.”

Q: What events do you go dressed to as Rocketman?

“I go to at least one game of all the major sports, but I would be happy to go dressed as him to anything else.  I also wear the suit to pep rallies.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being Rocketman?

“I really enjoy seeing people happy and making little kids smile.”

Q: What it like to be Rocketman during games?

“Going to games dressed as Rocketman makes it hard to watch the game, or see much in general, but I always have a general idea of what is going on.”

Q: Have you ever joined forces with another mascot at a sporting event?

“I have gotten into play fights with Anderson’s and Turpin’s mascots, and I have been in mascot competitions.”

Q: What is the best experience that you have had so far being Rocketman?

“Every football game is a different experience, and it’s always fun when I make it onto the Friday night football clips.”

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