Peeking inside the mystery rooms of McNick

Across the McNicholas campus, there are many mystery rooms that intrigue the student body. These rooms don’t hold many secrets, but students are always curious about what’s behind these many locked doors.

The third floor of the convent may be the most notorious of McNick’s mystery rooms. The stairs that would lead up to the third floor now lead to nothing since the doors have been walled off. Crawlspaces sealed with corroded locks are what took the doors’ place.

The boiler room, where the heat is made for McNicholas, is located next to room 13 (Ms. Mary Dennemann’s room). The room houses the typical “boiler room supplies” one would expect like tanks and pipes, and is used to store some items like old chalkboards.  For safety, there is also a locked door that leads outside, and a lone chair sitting back in the middle of the room.

Connected to the boiler room is a tunnel. As its name suggests, it’s a tunnel that leads to a crawlspace blocked by a vent. The tunnel also houses water and heating pipes and mostly serves as just a way to access these pipes.

The small closet located at the bottom of the convent stairs on the courtyard side has been nicknamed the “Harry Potter Closet.” It’s simply a small cement space, without any other features, and there is only enough room for a few medium-sized boxes. There is definitely not room for a small child, like in the Harry Potter series of books.

The room next to the elevator in the ceramics hallway is known to faculty and staff as the “Furniture Graveyard” as well as the “Shopping Cart Room.” The room holds discarded but still usable furniture, as well as half a shopping cart that is used for moving small items around the school and for small painting jobs.

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