Happy and thankful: McNicholas community shares what they are grateful for

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, many people express what they are grateful for throughout the month of November. Some keep gratitude journals, or journals where people keep an ongoing list of items that they are grateful for or make them happy. Others prefer to take to Twitter, Facebook, or other social media to express what they’re grateful for, typically posting one thankful item a day. The Milestone asked fellow Rockets what they were thankful for and the McNicholas community showed they had much to be thankful for.

  • “My students because they bless me every day, meaningful work, and my family and animals,” — Ms. Teresa Davis, Theology teacher.
  • “Family, friends, and sports,” — Paxton Albrinck, Class of 2018.
  • “McNick, my family, my friends, my cats, and my home,” — Hannah Marshall, Class of 2017.
  • “McNick’s semester exams are before Christmas break so we do not have to study and ruin the holidays, we are allowed to wear any color sock we want [because] I could only wear black or white socks in grade school, and we have five minutes between every bell because I could not make it to class in any less time,” — Isabella Daley, Class of 2018.
  • “Air conditioning in the library, students who talk with me about the books they read, and the opportunity to be Broga club advisor,” — Mrs. Jane Ray, Library Assistant.
  • “Friends that have your back, the ability to love something so much you can’t imagine your life without it, and laughter,” — Hope Bridgers, Class of 2019.
  • “The relationships I have developed with my students and players, the companionship of my colleagues in the English Department, the friendship of fellow teachers, especially Barb Gillming and Keith Nance, the leadership of fellow football coaches Mike Orlando and Paul Romolo, and the partnership of my wife in love of and service to our children, our families, and Our Lord,” — Mr. Jeff Mulvey, English teacher and Assistant Football Coach.
  • “My teachers, school values, and family,” — Janie Ferris, Class of 2018.
  • “Friends, the teachers at McNick, and the welcoming atmosphere of McNicholas,” — Lexi Gauger, Class of 2018.
  • “Family, friends, and life,” — Natalie Martinez, Class of 2018.
  • “My new friends, my education, and being included in so many things as a freshman,” — Sally Smith, Class of 2019.
    The McNicholas Rockets are grateful for their school. They are happy to have an educational place full of friendship and opportunity, as well as just life in general.


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