Rockets After 2:40: Ian Rose wrestles with new school experience

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. The McNicholas Milestone Staff will be featuring personality profiles on many of these students throughout the year. Students are randomly chosen using the letter generator, and then finding students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For this personality profile, the letters aligned with choosing freshman Ian Rose.

Rose is a graduate of St. Veronica. Now that he’s at McNick, he is a wrestler, interested in comedy, and contemplating becoming a professor after high school. If he does choose to become a professor, Rose would like to teach public speaking.

“It’s something I enjoy and want to share with others,” Rose said.

In addition to his public speaking interest, Rose’s interests also lie with wrestling. He started just this year, and is one of the eleven wrestlers at McNick. Rose said that his favorite parts of wrestling are pinning and cradles.

When he’s not wrestling, Rose enjoys playing video games, spending time with his friends, reading, and comedy. In fact, he is also debating becoming a professional comedian in the future if he chooses not to become a professor. He has not written any of his own comedy pieces currently, but may in the future. Rose is part of the McNick Improv Club and is pretty funny according to other members of the club.

“[Rose] is eager to participate and always makes us laugh. He’s one of the best freshman we have,” said Improv Club member sophomore Lauren Steinkuhl.

Rose says that he loves McNick and feels like high school will be freeing. “There’s a bigger campus, which is better than just going between two and three classrooms. It’s just a wonderful experience,” Rose said.

Ian Rose
Ian Rose is a graduate of St. Veronica and now a freshman at McNicholas High School. He wrestles for McNick, and is interested in public speaking and comedy.


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