Rockets after 2:40: Billy Fitzsimmons

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. The McNicholas Milestone Staff will be featuring personality profiles on many of these students throughout the year. Students are randomly chosen using the  , and then finding students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For this personality profile, the letters aligned with freshman Billy Fitzsimmons.

William Fitzsimmons, known as Billy,  lives on a farm 30 minutes from school, where he has many responsibilities including mowing the lawn, washing dishes, and helping with the laundry.

When he’s not at home, Fitzsimmons enjoys spending time with friends at Kings Island and playing soccer and basketball with them.  His greatest accomplishment is receiving a 50% scholarship to McNick.

When Fitzsimmons was in third grade, he was diagnosed with diabetes.  He was very nervous when he first found out because he knew someone that had it.  When he was first diagnosed he had to receive daily insulin shots, and calculate carbs before meals.

“When I was first diagnosed with diabetes it was a huge change, but it is normal for me now, and it’s not something I try to keep hidden,” he said.


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