Catching up with the prom court

The McNicholas Milestone got up close and personal this week with the sixteen members of the 2015-2016 prom court. This year’s prom will take place April 16. Students were chosen by their teachers based on who they deem to be the most ideal representations of the McNicholas Senior Class. The court consists of seniors Jacob Cheek, Bailey Bramble, Mitchell Hartwell, Claire Daly, Connor Higgins, Sydney Evans, Joshua McSwigan, Sierra Meyer, Nicholas Robben, Margaret Schulhoff, William Vogelgesang, Emma Smith, Jonathan Wenzel, and Brittany Taylor.


Q: What was your first immediate reaction to hearing your name be called over the announcements? 

Bailey Bramble (BB): I was very shocked and happy that the teachers picked me to be on court!

Sierra Meyer (SM): I actually wasn’t at school when the court was announced, so after school was over I had about 20 people text me that I was on court, which I thought was a joke at first, but later I realized it was real, which then of course I was really excited to be nominated.

Joshua McSwigan (JM): At first when I heard my name I was a little surprised but then felt really honored and happy at the same time. It was nice to hear my name and see everyone in the class turn to look at me.

Mitchell Hartwell (MH): My initial reaction was extremely excited because I wasn’t really expecting to be on homecoming court either so finding out that I’m on all 3 courts was amazing.

Claire Daly (CD): I was extremely surprised and not expecting it at all.


Q: How do you feel like you contribute to the school in a positive way?

BB: I feel like a leader in theater and that the underclassman look to me for advice in plays etc. I feel like I’m not judge mental and am nice to anyone who talks to me. I love to make people feel good and I look up to my teachers with respect. I take my grades seriously and the relationships I’ve made with my class and teachers. I feel very honored that I was chosen because of these attributes.

SM: I feel like I take an extra step to become friends with my teachers instead of just having a student-teacher relationship. I confide in my teachers about more than just academics and I truly love to hear what they have to say. Having that kind of relationship makes classes so much more enjoyable because I can connect with them on a more personal level and don’t feel as afraid to speak up in front of everyone.

JM: I do a lot of extracurricular activities around school both during and after school and when my name was called it was sort of a relief knowing that the teachers are able to see all of the hard work that I put into the school.

MH: I feel like I contribute to the school by being a name that everyone knows and just about anyone feels they can start a conversation out of nowhere with (I hope).

CD: I am involved in as much as I can be and I try to smile at everyone to make it a happier place.


Q: What will you take away from this experience?

BB: To continue to show leadership and always be nice to everyone I encounter.

SM: I will definitely take away the ability to be humble. It is a huge honor to be on court, and I had to remember to act with humility when people congratulated me about it. My parents’ were especially happy so knowing that my hard work through the school has given be this opportunity made by parents’ very proud.

JM: I will take away everything I can from this experience. It is something that in the future I can share with my kids and they can have something to look up to. Of course it’s not an experience that everyone can have so I will take as much out of it as I can.

MH: From this experience I’m going to take away a crown (I’m just kidding). It will be a good time and I really like the food.

CD: It is a humbling experience.


Q: What are your plans for the future? Which college are you planning to attend next year?

 BB: I am going to Thomas More College studying elementary education.

SM: I’ll be attending the University of North Florida beginning this summer. I will be going in undecided because I don’t want to jump into anything, but instead test the waters and figure out what I want to study from there.

JM: I plan on attending the college of engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

MH: I’m going to Full Sail University to get my Bachelor of Science in Game Development then if all goes according to plan I’ll move to LA and work at Riot Games.

CD: I plan on going to UC and majoring in either physical therapy or nursing.

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