A necessity turns into a passion: Gaskins reveals her love for fitness

After 2:40, Ms. Mel Gaskins, ceramics and architecture teacher, slips out the door and heads to her second job. She has been involved with a program called   for 9 years, and she said it has impacted her greatly. Bodymindbalance is a studio that offers instruction in pilates and the gyrotonic method in a safe and effective way. “It is more of a learning center than a gym,” Gaskins said. “Not only do you learn about your body, but also your mind.”

About 9 years ago, Gaskins injured her back while moving tables in an artesian residency program. “I had to drive all the way from Montana to my home in Philadelphia, and I realized I had to do something about my injury,” Gaskins said. After several doctors’ appointments, they informed her she needed surgery. She decided against it and decided to use physical therapy as an alternative. She began taking Pilates classes, a two dimensional technique to strengthen and stretch your muscles, but she claimed she needed something more. Gaskins began researching and discovered a method called Gyrotonics, a three-dimensional, circular technique that focuses on muscles, and also focuses on the fascia, skeletal system, and nervous system. The closest studio that offered this method was located in Cleveland, so she took the chance and traveled to Cleveland to discover this method was right for her. Her back injury began healing, and she felt great. “I was hardly able to turn to look over my shoulder without having unbearable pain,” Gaskins said. Today, Gaskins partakes in Gyrotonics regularly and it has improved her health. “I would consider it one of my passions, it’s so different. It’s like swimming without the chlorine,” Gaskins said.

With the help of Gaskins, the owner of bodymindbalance started teaching Gyrotonics at a Pilate’s studio in Cincinnati and it has grown dramatically. Gaskins went through an elaborate program to become a certified trainer but she met a lot of people and had several great experiences along the way. Today, Gaskins is Gyrotonic certified, Gyrokinesis certified, Pilates certified, and can also train others. She works with many athletes from the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Ballet, Xavier University and University of Cincinnati. “Andy Dalton and his wife come into the studio often and I have gotten to know them well,” Gaskins said.

“Although waking up at 4:45 am is not necessarily my favorite thing, it is very much worth it. Great atmosphere, great people, great studio. It has a lot of perks and has come to be my home away from home,” Gaskins said.



Ms. Mel Gaskins, ceramics and architecture and teacher, works at studio called bodymindbalance. She is a Gyrotonic and Pilates trainer. According to bodymindbalance, gyrotonics allows exercise using a three dimensional technique to focus on speed, intensity, and flexibility while Pilates is a two dimensional technique to focus on strength and stretching. Along with training others, Gaskins works out and maintains her health similar to the methods of exercise shown in the image above. Photo courtesy of bodymindbalance.

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