On the field and in the spotlight: McNick freshmen shine

Being a freshman in high school can be a tough transition, one that can be jarring for many people. However, there are some people who take high school by storm during their freshman year, stepping on the field with varsity teams, and stepping on the stage with experienced performers. Several of McNicholas’ own freshman have stepped up in these ways: Christina Poole, Connor Tomlinson, and Mark Dill all have fearlessly burst into the spotlight, both literally and figuratively.

For freshman Christina Poole, playing on the Varsity Girls’ Basketball and Soccer teams, though intimidating at first, ended up being much better than expected.  “I got really comfortable playing for the teams and it was really fun!” Poole said. Poole also was grateful to her experience for growing her as a player. “I have learned to have faith in myself and know my strengths and abilities,” she said.

Freshman lacrosse goalie Connor Tomlinson’s experience was similar to Poole’s except with a few minor differences; namely that Tomlinson has spent almost every single moment of the Rockets’ lacrosse team’s season in goal, facing some of the best offensive players in the state. However, by being thrown into the position, Tomlinson claims that it has seriously helped his skills. “This experience has definitely helped me develop as an athlete. I have learned to become more competitive and know what being part of a team really means,” Tomlinson said.  Not only does Tomlinson’s unique position accelerate his development as an athlete, but he states that the experience helps him grow as a leader as well.

The athletic facilities are not the only place that talented McNicholas freshman can be found; freshman Mark Dill can be found on the stage in the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre, playing major rolls in several theatrical productions, most recently the spring play. “It is pretty fun to be able to hang out with some of the theater people and do things with them, but at the same time actually preparing and getting lines memorized can be a satisfying yet hard chore,” Dill said.

Freshman Lacrosse Goalie Connor Tomlinson prepares for a shot against Kings High School. Tomlinson is one of only two freshman starting on the Varsity team.

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