Teachers receive the appreciation that they deserve

The week of May 2 – 6  was Teacher Appreciation Week, and McNick took extra time to thank their teachers for all they do for their students and the school.

Principal Patty Beckert and other members of the faculty and staff put together different activities dedicated to the teachers.  Throughout the week, there was a Teacher Appreciation Station located in the Café and Student Union where students could write their teachers letters of appreciation.  On Monday, teachers received prayer cards, prayer partners, and Kit-Kats in their mailboxes.  On Tuesday, there was a popcorn bar for the teachers in the faculty lunchroom. On Wednesday, teachers received muffins and fruit to show there’s “muffin” like a great teacher.  On Thursday, Beckert and other members of the administrative team treated teachers to a taco bar in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

“We have the best teachers because they don’t look at teaching at McNick just as a job; they truly care about McNick and its students,” Beckert said.

In some classes, teachers set aside class time for their students to write a teacher a letter thanking other teachers for all that they do as well.

“I value my teachers by paying attention in their classes and trying hard to get good grades,” junior Chris Dunne said.

You don’t just have to appreciate your teachers during the Teacher Appreciation week, you can do it every day of the year!

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