McNick walks towards Walk Day goals


The 34th Annual Walk Day – The McNick Mile — is Sept. 23, and McNicholas is again asking for all students, faculty and staff to raise funds to help make this year’s Walk a success.  The goal for this year is to at least meet last year’s total of nearly $48,000.  “Here at McNicholas, we try to overachieve,” said Director of Development Mark Doran.

According to Doran, Walk Day has been ingrained in the McNicholas culture for decades and is unique among all the special events and fundraisers held each year.  “This is the only annual school wide fundraiser where students are asked to participate,” Doran said.

While The Walk has remained principally the same, there have been a few changes made in the fundraising aspect of the event.  Shawn Young, Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events, wanted students who bring in $80 or more to be able to be “out of uniform” as soon as possible in the days leading up to the Walk.  This is a change from last year, which only had one “out of uniform” day for the Walk.  Now students are able to have up to over a week to shake up their school attire if they bring in the money as early as possible.  “Better incentives to turn in $80 sooner pushed me to get the out of uniform [award],” junior Bryce Miller said.

The deadline to turn in money for individual prizes is Sept. 22.  The amount of money students have turned in at that point will determine their walk distance and entry into the raffle, which will be held the morning of the walk.  Students will walk a default 6.2 miles, or 3.1 miles for bringing in $60, or the McNick Mile for $100 or more.   Anyone can still turn in money through Sept. 23, the day of The Walk.  Although it won’t count toward individual goals, It will still count towards the overall school goal.

Young also commented on the non financial side of the event. “Part of the goal is to build team unity and a sense of accomplishment,” Young said. We still have a lot to do and not a lot of time.”

Different prize levels are awarded based off the amount of donations that students bring in. The last day to capitalize on the individual prize opportunities is September 22.
Students who participated in the 2015 McNick Mile have their laps marked off by English teacher Angie Noble.  These students each brought in at least $100, and had the privilege of walking only 1 mile because of their contributions.  This year, the same mark has been set to be at least in the gold level.


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