Rocket athletes commit to college play

While most seniors at McNicholas are beginning to make their college decisions, some have already finalized their choices because they have committed to playing sports at the collegiate level. Adrian Ell, Amy Farr, Sophie Gorman, Caitlyn Grooms, and Megan Rack have all signed with the NCAA and will be continuing their sport at the college level.

Ell, who committed to Florida State University for volleyball while she was a sophomore, is very happy with her choice. She received offers from other schools including Miami University, Georgia Tech, University of Illinois, and University of Minnesota. “The decision was stressful; it was like going through the senior process that everyone else is going through now, but three years ago,” she said. Ell ultimately chose Florida State because the weather is warm and they have an amazing volleyball team. “The whole team feels like a family. It has the atmosphere I want to be a part of,” Ell added.

Ell isn’t the only one who has committed to a college because of the atmosphere of the team. Soccer midfielder Amy Farr has committed to Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. Farr, like other student athletes, had a hard time deciding which university to attend. “The decision was hard because you cannot choose a school based on money, you choose on academics,” she said. Farr enjoyed the feeling she got at Walsh, and she has not second guessed herself. “Now that I have committed, I can play soccer and go to school without the constant worry of where I am going,” she added.

Like Farr, Caitlyn Grooms has also committed to playing college soccer. Grooms, who has committed to Wright State University, thought that the decision was difficult because of all of the other options that she had, and was worried that she could go somewhere different. Now that she has committed, she knows that Wright State was the right decision. “Making this decision early has made my senior year a lot easier,” she said.

Sophie Gorman has signed with University of Cincinnati to play soccer. “The decision was difficult. I was nervous because I had many options,” Gorman said. Other offers included Xavier and Purdue. With her family’s help, she decided on University of Cincinnati. “When I met the coaches, we clicked right away and had a good connection. The campus has a warm welcoming atmosphere, and it gives me a good feeling to be there,” Gorman said. Gorman describes her stress level now as a lot less than it was while she was making the big college decision. “Now I am focusing on what I need to improve on before the next level,” she added.

University of Dayton is gaining soccer defender Megan Rack starting in Fall 2017. “I was stressed out because I didn’t know where I wanted to go,” Rack said but then decided on Dayton because she had three club soccer teammates commit to playing for the team. Now that the decision is over, Rack’s only worry is keeping her grades up and working hard.

After college, the athletes have different plans. Ever since Ell was five years old, she’s dreamed of playing volleyball in the Olympics. Her goal after playing DI college ball is to try out for the 2024 Olympics. Gorman would also like to continue her soccer career professionally. Grooms Farr, and Rack do not plan on playing after their years in college. With their college decisions in hindsight, McNicholas athletes are ready to take the next step forward in their sports careers.

Caitlyn Grooms takes a shot on goal against rival Alter during a 2015 season game. The Rockets tied with the Knights 2-2.

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