McNick makes student-friendly changes to uniform policy

Spiritwear Fridays and the daily wearing of hoodies are two new changes to McNick’s uniform policy.

Students are now allowed to wear hoodies every day and also have a spirit day on the last day of every week to wear McNick attire or for athletes to wear jerseys. “ [I want students to] show school pride. I love school pride and this is just a small way of being able to show that,” Director of Student Life Mike Orlando said.

“I think the biggest thing was trying to simplify [the uniform policy],” Director of Curriculum Dan Rosenbaum said. “The simpler we can make it, the simpler it is to inforce.” Rosenbaum made it clear that students need to be paying attention to how they look when they come to school. Coming to school looking sloppy will not be acceptable. “We thought that there were too many exceptions to the rules, which made it difficult for everyone involved.  We are trying to establish a clear standard for our students but also trying to give them a little freedom as well,” Orlando said.

Senior Amy Farr is happy with the new policy allowing spirit wear on Fridays and McNick hoodies. “I’m happy because now we won’t get yelled at as much and everyone will be at peace,” Farr said.

In the past, students weren’t allowed to wear hoodies and if they did, referrals and detentions were issued as a result. Students were only allowed to be out of uniform when a club organized a fundraiser for a certain day, and there was a $1-2 fee. “I love the new spirit Fridays; it’s awesome not having to pay,” senior Rielly Dowell-Howko said.

“Thus far, I think the changes have been positive for both students and faculty and I hope that this trend continues,” Orlando said. He hopes that the new policy will inspire kids to show up in uniform and keep them out of detention.

Students are wearing hoodies as the weather gets cold. As part of the new uniform policy students are allowed to wear hoodies and keep their shirts untucked.

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