Library adds new programs for 2016

By: David Waterman

In addition to new books for the year, new lunchtime sessions have been added in the library for the 2016-2017 school year.

A schedule of Study and Activity lunches has been created for the purpose of expanding the uses of the Library. “We wanted to give students a stress reliever,” Jones said about the changes.

Every Wednesday is used as an Activity Lunch, with activities that range from puzzles to board games to crafts. Every Tuesday and Thursday is used as a Study Lunch, where students are asked to work “quietly and productively.” During the Study Lunch, tutoring is available for math subjects with no reservations needed.

Jones also encouraged readers to check out the new books purchased over the summer, which include the final book of the Remnant Chronicles, The Trials of Apollo, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Hamilton: The Revolution.

Jigsaw puzzles and board games have been available at the Activity Lunch, but Jones and Library Assistant Jane Ray are “totally open for ideas” concerning future events. Jones is considering a “hands-on service project” or guest speakers for the future. Any students with ideas can email Jones at

“We wanted to help build relationships since we spend so much time behind our screens,” Jones added.

Seniors Shelby Scott and Julia Williams complete assignments during a Tuesday Study Lunch at F bell. They use the quiet environment to complete work and focus on studies.

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