Students, staff show much to be thankful for

Many have a tradition of sharing what they are thankful for at their Thanksgiving table at home, but this year, along with years before, many wanted to share their thanks with those around their school. The Milestone decided to ask a number of its students and staff to share what they are grateful for with their McNick family:

  • “My teachers because they always help me when I need them,” — Kathleen Finn, Class of 2017.
  • “My McNicholas family,” — Emma Melcher, Class of 2020.
  • “All my great friends and the hard work put into the great theatre shows,” — Ellie White, Class of 2019.
  • “The wonderful opportunities to share our faith,” — Andy Ey, in charge of help desk and teach department.
  • “The sense of belonging and community,” — Andrew Russell, Class of 2018.
  • “A place to learn and grow,” — Lauren Steinkuhl, Class of 2018.
  • “The strong and loving community,” — Evan Pour, Class of 2017
  • “McNick’s cookies,” — Ty Ackel, Class of 2020.
  • “The entire McNicholas community. I don’t go to work. Since I became a teacher, I haven’t worked a day,” — Angie Noble, English teacher.
  • “I’ve learned that if you can laugh then life is always better. I’m thankful I can experience every day and what we do in the classroom. It makes it fun to be here,” –Regina Goines, science teacher.
  • “That we have so many nice and caring people here at McNicholas,” –Ryan Stephens, Class of 2017.
Science teacher Regina Goines is thankful for her students and what she learns from them every day. Many students and teachers at McNick share this common gratitude.

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