Teachers are people, too

“I spend most of my out-of-school time with my family. I have three kids — Mara 12, Ben 10, and Jacob 7 — who are involved in lots of activities like sports, art classes, and cub scouts, so we are running around a lot. We are an outdoorsy family—we like to play outside, hike, ride bikes, and camp,” Librarian Anne Jones said.

It can sometimes be awkward when students see a teacher outside of school because it’s strange to think teachers have personal lives outside of the classroom, right?

Wrong. As shocking as it may seem, teachers don’t just live at school, grading and teaching. They don’t spend their breaks just sitting at home organizing lesson plans. They do, in fact, have normal lives outside of their classroom and school duties.

“Teachers are people, too! We don’t just sleep in the classrooms at night when students aren’t here,” science teacher John Chadwell said. They have secret talents, fun hobbies, and sports they play when school isn’t in session. They hang out with each other and their family and friends just like students. “Celebrities (teachers), they’re just like us,” English teacher Ashley Markesbery said.

Religion teacher John Norman and his grandchildren enjoy a day of kayaking and canoeing on the Little Miami River. Norman loves spending time with his family especially his grandchildren. “I would have to say that I have two families, my own family and the MHS community,” Norman said.

Teachers do go to the mall and the grocery store because, like students, they need to shop for food, clothes, and other necessities. Teachers encourage their students to say hello when they see them in public. “It can be good for teachers and students to interact with each other out of the usual context and see each other as real people with lives outside of school,” Chadwell said.

“I enjoy seeing MHS students in public as they are always very kind and friendly.  I feel as if we are one BIG family,” theology teacher John Norman said.

Teachers get stressed about school just like students do, and they have just as much homework as students and devote much of their time to school.

Teachers outside of school:

Math teacher Ashley Brothers is a talented basketball player.  Most people know that she played on the 2001 State Championship Team at McNick and played at Indiana State University. She also tried out and made a professional team in Spain but in the end decided not to play. She still plays basketball regularly though.

Science teacher John Chadwell has some background in improv and stand-up comedy.  Last year he took up woodcarving as a hobby.  He can also sing and play the guitar.

Theology teacher Teresa Davis is a member of her choir at St. Monica/St. George, and she sings second soprano. She is also an usher at Playhouse in the Park.

Math teacher Ashley Brothers enjoys playing with her rec basketball team when she is not working. This picture was taken after her team won the league championship for the third time this year.

Librarian Anne Jones’ favorite way to spend an evening is by hanging out with her best friend (Mr. Ey), her husband, and her three kids around the fire pit.

English teacher Ashley Markesbery is crafty. She makes wall art and other items from reclaimed wood. Most of the pieces in her house she has made herself.

Theology teacher John Norman is also a carpenter and in 1980, he built his family’s house.

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