Milestone announces changes for second semester

Dear Readers,

In an effort to better connect with our audience, the McNicholas Milestone is announcing a number of changes to take place for the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year. This includes the addition of “Roving Rocket,” “What’s in David’s Hair,” and regular installments of special columns by our staff reporters.

“Roving Rocket”

“Roving Rocket” will be a special weekly feature in which the Milestone staff will pose a current event question to the student body. Every week, responses from four students, one from each grade level, will be published alongside their pictures. Links to each installment of “Roving Rocket” can be found under the “Weekly Exclusives” category at the top of the Milestone homepage.

“What’s in David’s Hair?”

“What’s in David’s Hair?” will be a two-part, weekly contest featuring the hair of Milestone reporter David Waterman. On the first day of the school week, the Milestone will release a set of clues for the object that is “tucked” in Waterman’s hair, and students will submit their guesses through email to by noon on the last day of the school week. Only one submission allowed per student. All correct answers will be eligible to win; only one winner each week will be randomly selected from the group of correct answers and will receive something “sweet” as a prize. The winner will be announced along with a video reveal of the object the following first day of the week, as well as the clues for that week’s edition. Each publication of “What’s in David’s Hair” can be found under the “Weekly Exclusives” category on the Milestone homepage.

Staff reporter installment stories

Each member of the Milestone staff will be launching a regular story, with new editions publishing monthly. Waterman will launch a movie review video column, sophomore Ellie White will be reviewing books each month, senior Emma Hughes will focus on a sports column highlighting the best McNick plays of the month,  senior Spencer Schultz will launch a political commentary column, focusing on the actions of President-elect Donald Trump, senior Mackenzie Wagner will explore the different forms of art at McNick, and editor-in-chief junior Nicholas Wynn will launch a music column, highlighting the best new music of the month.

We hope you will enjoy these new stories along with all of the other stories we publish each week. Remember that the McNicholas Milestone is “News by the students, for the students,” so let us know if there’s a story you’d like to see in the future, and we’ll work on writing it.

Nicholas Wynn


The Milestone staff for the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year consists of seniors Emma Hughes, Spencer Schultz, Mackenzie Wagner, and David Waterman, junior Nicholas Wynn, and sophomore Ellie White. All are returning staff members from the first semester of the school year, and Wynn is the returning editor-in-chief.

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