Roving Rocket: Students celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Roving Rocket” is a weekly publication in the McNicholas Milestone. In each edition, the Milestone staff poses a question of current event to the McNicholas student body and publishes responses of one student from each grade level. This week’s question was: How do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. and his work continues to affect modern society?




“The repercussions of the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. has totally affected our lives today in the laws that have been passed to support equal rights and the inspiration of still-progressing equality.” —Marie Steinkuhl, Class of 2020.





“Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired and will continue to inspire people to strive for racial equality.  His peaceful protests really showed America that the racism in the world was wrong and desperately needed to be fixed.  That problem is continuing to be fixed to this day, [but] it will be some time before it is completely erased.  While this is going on, [King] will be a role model with his hopes and dreams for an equal America.” —Myles Bailey, Class of 2019.




“[Martin Luther King, Jr.] was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement and the effects of that can still be seen today, [and people] still use him as a role model when they need to fight for what they believe is right.” —Andrew Russell, Class of 2018.





“[Martin Luther King, Jr.] still affects society today because he continues to be a symbol for people who are striving towards equality in our world and the struggles that some people continue to face.” — Lily Gephardt, Class of 2017.

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