Rocket Man reveals identity to McNicholas

For four years, many students at McNicholas wondered who was inside the Rocket Man and on Feb. 11, everyone found out who it was.

Senior Jacob Robb first started wearing the Rocket Man costume near the end of his first year at McNicholas after Director of Admissions Christina Mullis asked him to try it out for registration day.

“There was never really a specific interest in becoming a mascot. When I started as a freshman there wasn’t an official Rocket Man so you didn’t see much of it. I really didn’t know that there was an actual mascot costume until I became the mascot,” Robb said.

Being a school mascot requires having extreme spirit, pride, and support for one’s school. Mascots are all about having fun and showing others what it is like to be a student of McNicholas mainly at their school’s sporting events.

“Not only does it give me a way to spend my time, but also gives me a way to have fun with others while spreading spirit and support around the school,” he added.

Being undercover as a mascot can cause students or even teachers or parents to become anxious wanting to know who is inside, but that is what brings out the fun with having a mascot.

“Up until just recently, I would try to keep my identity as Rocket Man a secret to preserve the fun for others. Not many people called me Rocket Man because if they did know, I would request they not say anything, but there were times where I would be called Rocket Man. I like to spread the spirit and have fun with people mostly without them knowing who I am,” Robb said.

While being a mascot has many pros and cons, some people fall in love with it and others not as much but Robb loves doing what he has done since he first started.

“If I were to restart high school, I would still elect to become Rocket Man. When I first started high school, the last thing I would see myself doing was being the mascot. Now that I have done it, I learned that it is something that I truly enjoy. I am deciding between University of Oklahoma (Sooners) and OSU (Buckeyes) for college. If everything would go as planned, I will try out to be a mascot at one of these schools. At Oklahoma I would be a horse named Sooner Schooner, and at OSU obviously Brutus. Truthfully, I do not know for sure but I wouldn’t mind continuing as a mascot,” Robb said.

With Robb graduating, a new Rocket Man will need to be chosen. Will you be the next Rocket Man?

Rocket Man and the students chant the McNicholas fight song at Adrian Ell’s Penn Station Player of the Month pep rally on Feb. 2. Senior Night for Rocket Man occurred on the men’s basketball final home game against Anderson Feb 11.

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