Dance Team attends national competition in Florida

On Feb. 2, the McNicholas Dance Team headed to Orlando, Florida, for the National Dance Team Championship. Teams from across the country qualified for the event, sponsored by the Universal Dance Association (UDA).

The senior dancers include Felicia Marino, Hailey Snyder, and Kate Whitesell. The juniors are made up of Janie Ferris, Caitlin Jacobs, and Sarah Waldeck. The sophomores are Georgia Cheek, Annabelle Fisher, Kate Murray, and Julia Vogele. The freshman are Taylor Collett, Megan Fein, Isabella Mulvey, and Anna Schneider.

The team, under instruction by first year coach Ashley Sanchez, received the opportunity to attend the competition after a UDA camp performance in July 2016. Roughly 15 teams attended this event, which took place at the University of Kentucky. The teams who scored high enough were invited to attend nationals, even though it would take place months later, and the Rockettes were one of those teams.  Other teams from the Cincinnati area who scored high enough to attend the national completion included Mount Notre Dame High School and Seton High School.

The Rockettes competed in the preliminary round of the championship. They showcased two of their dances: pom and hip-hop. There were about 70 total teams present, with the teams broken up into sections. The Rockettes placed 14 out of 17 in their pom section, and 15 out of 21 in their hip-hop section. Their scores were not enough to get them past the preliminary round, but the team is still happy to have had the opportunity.

Snyder felt the team did a great job for it being their first time at a national competition. “My favorite part of the trip was bonding with my team. Since I am a senior, I just want to soak it all in,” Snyder said.

During their time in Florida, the Rockettes, McNicholas High School’s Dance Team, spent time in the four Disney theme parks. Only dancers there for the competition were allowed in at night, making their visits extra special, senior Hailey Snyder said.

The team still has a few more competitions before the season comes to a close.

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