Seniors granted privileges post Spring Break

While many students are making their plans for Spring Break, the senior class is looking forward to receiving their senior privileges once classes resume April 4.

The seniors are lobbying to be able to wear college gear every day and jerseys on Fridays. They are also requesting to be able to design a senior t-shirt and parking spots, having a senior vs. faculty basketball game, lowering the exam exemption cutoff, having early dismissals/late starts, and being able to have food catered.

Senior Class President Zach Woodke met with Student Moderator Mike Orlando to discuss the privileges. “I had a meeting with Mr. Orlando, where I basically outlined and proposed the privileges we were lobbying for. The only privileges that were denied were the exam exemption and the designing on the parking spots. Allowance of college gear, as well as the senior t-shirt when it is designed, will begin after spring break,” Woodke said.

“Catering food will be allowed as long as it is coordinated by the students and the timing of lunches works out,” he added.

Orlando said he doesn’t have a problem with most of the privileges proposed.

“The exam exemption cutoff is out of my control, but we always try to keep academics intact. There is room for a 90% exemption cutoff to be discussed for next year’s senior class. I think catering food is a good idea, but students have different lunches so if something were to go wrong on the other end it could become a problem,” he said.

“Wearing the senior t shirt and college gear will begin after spring break,” he added.

The Class of 2017 consists of 170 students and even though senior privileges typically begin at the beginning of fourth quarter, this year’s class will have to wait to wear their college t-shirts until after Spring Break. Seniors gathered in early March for a commemorative photo in the library that was later used as an auction item at McNick at Night.

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