Roving Rocket: Students share oddest Easter basket surprises

“Roving Rocket” is a weekly publication in the McNicholas Milestone. In each edition, the Milestone staff poses a question about a current event to the McNicholas student body and publishes responses of one student from each grade level. This week’s question was: What is the oddest or most memorable thing you’ve gotten in an Easter basket over the years?

phillip“The weirdest thing I have gotten for Easter, not really in my basket, was having to get Easter eggs out of my pool.” —Phillip Miller, Class of 2020.

elyse“My pet rat…. I really wanted a ferret for a pet, and I had been pestering my parents forever about it. So, when I was in second grade, my parents finally gave in and bought me an albino rat because my dad read that rats were really good pets since they were so docile. I woke up on Easter morning and there was a cage with my rat in it. I named him Taffy.” —Elyse Thaman, Class of 2019.



haley“I got golf balls in my Easter basket one time when I was younger because I was trying to learn to golf.” —Haley Adkins, Class of 2018.

jared“One time when I was really little, it was set up as a trail of Easter eggs across the house that led to the actual basket. I was small so it was fun, and it was like double the candy because of the extra eggs in the trail.” —Jared Taylor, Class of 2017.

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