Prom 2017: Seniors offer best places for prom pics

Update: It has come to our attention that in order to be on the property of Oasis golf club and conference center you must be a member of the club or have a member present with you. while you’re on the property. Please respect their policies and the Milestone is sorry for any confusion.

The 2017 Prom Season is quickly approaching with McNick’s prom on April 22. A reoccurring struggle each prom season is finding where to take the best prom photos.

Senior Katherine Schoolfield’s favorite place to take prom photos is the Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center off Wards Corner Road, where she took her photos for McNick’s 2016 Prom. “The scenery there is just beautiful, the trees were in full bloom, and the lake was also a great background for Prom pictures,” Schoolfield said. “It is also the closest location to RSVP which makes it very convenient.” The Center is located at 902 Loveland-Miamiville Rd., Loveland, OH 45140.

Senior Jonathan Hazzard’s favorite place for pictures is Ault Park, which is off Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park, because of the beautiful scenery. “For me, prom photos have always been super low-key and relaxed,” Hazzard said. “It’s more important to have a better time than get a better shot.” Ault Park is located at 5090 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208.

Prestige Photography will also be at the dance to take professional photos.

Schoolfield’s advice for conquering prom is to break your plan into steps. “First, you and your friends all agree on the same location for pictures and set a time. Check the weather for that specific day and take into consideration traffic to get to your location to take pictures, so that you get there on time rather than late,” Schoolfield said. “Allow enough time to get pictures with your date and your friends, and, lastly, make sure you have enough time to get to RSVP a little early so that you can claim a table for your group.”

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