Seniors share advice for underclassmen

The Class of 2017 is down to their final days of high school. After four years at McNick, students shared their advice for the underclassmen and rising seniors.

The majority of the seniors want the younger students to get involved in school activities. “Get involved in sports, clubs, intramurals,” senior Mackenzie Wagner said. “Go to sports games or theater performances. You’re not going to get anything out of high school if you just come to school at 7:40 and leave everyday at 2:40. Meet new people and make friends that will make memories with you that you will cherish for the rest of your life,” she said.

Vanessa Bayliss agreed with Wagner about school involvement. “Get involved in everything possible; it helps you make friends and you don’t want to miss out on getting to know everyone in your class. Make sure to let yourself be happy. Tests, classes, drama with friends can get overwhelming and stressful but just let yourself enjoy high school. Enjoy time with people and [being] alone; you have to begin to learn who you are/who you want to be. Take time to get to know teachers. As you are spending so much time at school, school events, out with friends, remember to find a balance and spend some time with family. High school is an opportunity for a lot of things, but one of them that isn’t talked about a lot is the opportunity to learn balance. College only increases in difficulty so high school is the time to learn how to juggle school, family, friends, and mental health,” Bayliss said.

Schoolwork is something to keep up with so that you can plan a successful future in college and beyond. “Always keep up with your school work. Balance work and play, and enjoy the present,” Ben Brady said.

Finding your group of friends is another thing seniors think is the key to success. “Make friends, but do not let your friends make you; by the end of high school, you will be a much better person on the inside by doing this,” Matt Lipinski said. “High school is not your highest point in life, so don’t get caught up in doing everything risky now because others are doing it. If you spend time improving yourself and your talents, you will be a better person for the rest of your life; your mind atrophies much slower than your body,” he said.

Lauren Alvarez is very passionate about her peers. “Be kind and make as many friends as you can! There are so many great people around you,” she said.

Overall, the Class of 2017 had a very positive experience at McNick. “McNick is, on whole, a positive place. Let it be positive for you. You are going to change so much, so focus on letting it happen, and noticing the good stuff,” Shelby Scott said.

Ty DeBonis reminds students not to get caught up in drama and enjoy every day.

“Step outside of your comfort zone,” Mandy Woll said. “Opportunities that come up may not seem like they will make an impact on you, but, with a positive attitude, your years here will be memorable,” she said.

On Thursday August 15, 2013, the Class of 2017 walked through the doors of McNick for the first time for tablet training and orientation. On Thursday May 18, 2017, the Class of 2017 will walk out of the same doors after their final exams. Their graduation is Sunday May 21 at 7 pm at the Taft Theatre.

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