Trump experiences first 100 days as President

100 days are already in the books since President Trump was inaugurated on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C on Jan. 20.

Just four days after becoming President, Trump signed an executive order reviving the Keystone Pipeline that would support 42,000 jobs over two years and 3,900 from construction alone. Obama denied this order during his Presidency in December 2016 according to The New York Times.

On Feb. 10, Trump tweeted claiming the New York Times has major fake news saying, “The failing @nytimes does major FAKE NEWS China story saying ‘Mr.Xi has not spoken to Mr. Trump since Nov.14.’ We spoke at length yesterday!” This started a string of tweets by Trump on Feb. 12, 17, and 24 claiming the media is full of fake news.

On Mar. 2, Trump called for one of the largest military spending increases in history. He proposed to add $54 billion dollars to the Pentagon budget in 2017 according to The New York Times.

On Mar. 6, Trump signed an executive order banning citizens of Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States. Trumps’ original Traven Ban Order included those six countries along with Iraq, but the revised order no longer includes Iraq. The new order continued to impose a 90-day ban and exempts permanent residents and current visa holders. In addition, the order reversed an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria, replacing it with a 120-day freeze that requires review and renewal according to The New York Times.

On Mar. 13, Trump said the Affordable Care Act covers few people, but about 20 million have gained insurance from it.

Under Obamacare, the individual mandate requires all eligible citizens to have health insurance. Current Medicaid funding under Obamacare, is based on a matching system where the federal government guarantees at least $1 for every $1 spent by the state and citizens can only deduct medical expenses if these costs exceed 10% of the household’s gross income.

Under Trump’s Affordable Care Act, the individual mandate is gone. Continuous coverage is the new requirement and if one fails to keep coverage, they will pay 30% more a month. Trump has pushed back the Medicaid expansion offered by Obamacare, which means fewer people will qualify for assistance. People also may be able to deduct the full cost of their health insurance premiums from their federal tax returns according to Trumpcare.

On Mar. 28, Trump declared the beginning of a new era in American energy, production, and job creation in his first move to overrule Obama’s climate change policies. He signed an executive order to revive the coal industry and showed no commitment to curb plant-warming carbon dioxide pollution that Obama had once made according to The New York Times.

On Apr. 7, Trump addressed the reduction in illegal immigration since signing his executive order. “Last month, we saw a 64 percent reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border,” he said in an article in The New York Times. The 64% decline was from Mar. 2016 to Mar. 2017, so Trump’s statement could be misleading as he was talking about a month-to-month decrease.

During his first 90 days as President, Trump signed 28 bills into law. However, he did not sign into law any of the 10 pieces of major legislation in his 100-day plan according to The New York Times.

“It’s a false standard, 100 days, but I have to tell you, I don’t think anybody has done what we did over the 100 days,” Trump said via a White House press release.

President Trump signed an executive order promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in America on Apr. 25. The order included seven sections addressing policy, establishment of the Interagency Task Force, membership, purpose and functions of the task force, report, revocations, and general provisions according to The White House. Photo courtesy of Donald J. Trump.

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