Liturgy Choir plans worship; seeks new members

Every all-school mass day there are over 20 students who choose to participate in a different way than the rest of their peers. Not only do they

Dr. Loretta Graner, the teacher of AP Music Theory and Liturgy Choir, described Liturgy Choir as “students leading worship through music.” According to Graner, the choir performs for monthly all-school Masses, Advent Lessons & Carols, Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, and other concerts throughout the year both at school and off-campus.

The Liturgy Choir practices every Monday and Wednesday from 2:50 p.m. until 4 p.m. Liturgy Choir counts as a class on school transcripts and can be taken as either a semester or yearlong course.

The class is also graded as any other class and fully affects one’s GPA as a “9th bell” class. Graner explains that “students receive .25 credits for being in choir and the grade is based on attendance and participation.”

Instrumentalists and vocalists are both encouraged to join. Graner says that the choir is “looking for [people with] a joyful commitment to the group,” and that “to join, you need to enjoy singing,” but do not need to be a good singer.

The class is based on the religious use of music. “We want students who are interested in using their talents and improving their skills for the glory of God,” Graner said.  Seniors Kiernan Meakin, Abbey Pour, and Sarah Waldeck all agreed that the religious aspect and participation in the mass is just another reason that they take the class. Meakin stated that she takes the class “to feel more present in the mass by having fun.”

Liturgy Choir is still accepting new members. In order to join, students are encouraged to contact Graner via email or by stopping by room 122.

lit choir
The 2016-2017 Liturgy Choir performs at Mercy Hospital Anderson’s ribbon cutting ceremony in September 2016. The Anderson choir and several Anderson councilmen were also present.

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