Rocket Quiz: Testing your Grinch percentage this holiday season

By Faith Miller

Made popular by Buzzfeed, entertainment quizzes have told us everything from which Friends character we are, which Harry Potter house we’re in, to what kind of dog breed we are. The Milestone has joined the movement with our own style of quizzes.

With Christmas drawing near, many are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. However, there will always be a Grinch or two out there. Are you one of those who embraces the Christmas spirit or one who avoids it?

After finishing the quiz, a percentage will appear. This percentage is your Grinch percentage. The closer to 100%, the more like the Grinch you are. The closer to 0%, the more elfish you are and the more you enjoy the Christmas spirit.

(Thumbnail picture from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), directed by Ron Howard.)

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