Students, staff recall favorite McNicholas memories from 2017

By Maggie Deller

The year of 2017 was full of many accomplishments, good deeds, and fond memories for the McNicholas family. As the 2017 year comes to a close, McNicholas students and staff recall their favorite memories they shared with the McNick community.

Senior Sam Martin said, “My favorite memory is when [the football team] beat Turpin in week one because it was great to see all the students out there to support us even when everyone at Turpin thought they were going to beat us.” He added, “I felt proud to be from McNick and I was happy that we got our season going right.”

“My favorite memory that I shared with the McNick community during 2017 was participating in the fall Appalachia retreat,” senior Jillian Sennett said.  “It impacted the way I want to structure my life more than any other experience has before and it made me realize the fundamental goodness everyone has in them.” She added, “I felt changed because it opened my eyes to how beautiful simplicity is.”

Band teacher Keith Nance said one of his favorite 2017 McNick memories was, “the marching band performing at the Reds parade because we had not done it in about five or six years… so it was the first time a lot of band members got to participate.” He added that he was “proud of the band representing the school.”

October Kairos was senior Lindsey Hamad’s favorite memory, “because it was a great experience to get closer to myself, my classmates, and to God.”

“I felt excited and interested in learning about other people,” she said. “I hope everyone has as good as an experience as I did,” Hamad said.

Senior Gracie Rudolph said, “My favorite memory is [going to] cooking club meetings with Mrs. Goines because all my friends do it and it’s fun.” She added, “I feel so happy every meeting.”

“My favorite 2017 memory was the assembly for Veterans Day because we got to meet Brad Wenstrup,” sophomore Steven Tippenhauer said. “I felt inspired by what he said and the actions of [Sergeant Frank Buschmeier].”

Theology teacher Teresa Davis said her favorite memory was, “the student engagement of McNick with the Cleveland Heights students on November 7.” That experience was “when a group of urban [Cleveland] students came to our [McNick] house and we opened up the doors wide and in mutuality we met each other. We ate and sang and made blankets for people who don’t have blankets.”

“It was a joyous night,” Davis added. “The laughter that was in that room — I wish I could bottle and take with me at all times.”


Students and teachers share their favorite memories from 2017 at McNicholas. Fond memories included the Turpin football game, retreats, the marching band playing at the Reds Opening Day Parade, the McNick and Cleveland Heights bonding experience, and the Veterans Day Assembly.

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