How to wear 5 stylish outfits from 1 black t-shirt

As winter closes and spring makes its 2018 entrance, many people may be looking to switch up their style for the new season.

The dilemma is that many lack the money to splurge on a whole new wardrobe. The solution is simple. Invest in staple pieces that will carry from season to season with just some accessory changes. These staple pieces do not need to include $200 pants or a $500 dress. Places like Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, St. Vincent de Paul, and Pixel 19 are just a few places that sell countless possible wardrobe essentials for affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra cash on staple pieces, though; personally, I will spend a little extra money on jeans and sweaters but bargain hunt when it comes to pieces like sunglasses, hats, necklaces, and trendy tops.

When picking out essentials, “know what you like to wear so when you do buy stuff, it’s stuff that you will wear regularly,” senior Aeden Grothaus said. His three most essential wardrobe pieces are his “Chelsea” boots, dark jeans, and a cool jacket.  “Try, but make it look like you aren’t trying,” when it comes to your style, he said.

Junior Hope Bridgers was “very much inspired by Rihanna, along with a little bit of Justin Bieber,” when it comes to her style. Her three essentials are Vans, large graphic tees, and bandanas. She said she’s known to have an urban street-wear kind of style that’s very tom-boyish, “like I hate wearing dresses and skirts.”

For those struggling to find their style, Bridgers suggested to “find a style icon that you think looks the best and try and create your own style based off of that, while still keeping it original. Don’t care what people think about your style, and just go with what makes you feel best.”

When buying a new addition to your wardrobe, my suggestion is to visualize yourself wearing it five different ways. If you cannot create five outfits with the piece, then it is not worth it. For example, a black V-neck t-shirt from Target can be styled five different ways to create five completely different looks.

Outfit #1 consists of a black ¾ length jacket that takes this outfit to a whole new level. The boots add a necessary pop of color.


Pre-distressed Jeans ($40) – Pacsun

(You could also DIY distress an old pair of jeans from your closet)

Black 3/4, button down jacket ($20) – TJ Maxx

Hat ($2) – Plato’s Closet

Gray/green suede booties ($80) – Hello Molly

Belt – My Mom’s closet


Outfit #2 is perfect for spring. The ripped jeans were cheap at just $14 and follow the hole-at-the-knee trend perfectly.

Pre-distressed Jeans ($14) – Plato’s Closet

White lace cardigan ($12) – TJ Maxx

Strappy, lace up, chunky heel ($25) – Target


Outfit #3 is the most versatile outfit. It can be dressed down with some sneakers or dressed up with some black booties or heels.

Pants ($58) – BDG Twig High-Rise Skinny Jean – Black Urban Outfitters

Authentic Army Jacket ($10) – Pixel 19

Belt – My Mom’s closet

Shoes ($130) –  I-5923 women’s Adidas Originals


Outfit #4 is perfect for a spring concert. The Vans make it great for walking and dancing, and the skirt is cute but slightly edgy with its distressing.

Pre-distressed Skirt ($58) – Missguided

Shoes ($50) – Canvas Old Skool Vans


Outfit #5 is perfect for a day out at Findley Market or just walking around downtown. It is super comfortable, and throwing a black jacket over top would be no issue for a windy day.

Green skinny cargo pants ($30) – Target

Shoes ($98) – Kid’s Neumel Chestnut Uggs

Belt – My Mom’s Closet

Hat ($2) – Plato’s Closet


What are ways that you style your basic black t-shirt? Tweet your pictures at us @mcnickmilestone!

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