In defense of pit bulls: breed is loving, not vicious

Pit bulls are a dog breed that most people have heard of before, but likely for a bad reason. Most news about pit bulls is about how dangerous of a dog breed they are, with stories of them attacking people. It’s gotten so bad that some states have banned the breed in certain areas, or even the entire state.

Cincinnati has struggled with deciding what to do with pit bulls. From 1998 until 2012, there was a ban on the breed that prohibited their stay in the city, according to From 1999 to 2003, there was a mandatory registration for all pit bulls, but it ended up failing. Even with the ban lifted and the mandatory registration gone, there still seems to be a stigma against the breed.

When it comes to dogs, there shouldn’t be a ban on any breed. A person can’t just say that a whole breed is bad or tainted by judging a few aggressive dogs. Senior Alyssa Taylor, whose sister works in pit bull fostering, said, “I feel like it has to do with more of the personality. If it is an aggressive dog, it’s going to be aggressive no matter what [breed] it is.” People might say that they’re afraid by what they have heard about pit bulls, but they just need to go out and meet the dogs who are truly warmhearted.

A common misconception is that pit bulls are a naturally aggressive breed, but the aggression is actually caused by how they were raised by their owners. Pit bulls are a breed that’s relatively easy to train, which, unfortunately, makes it easy for bad owners to breed them to be aggressive. Good owners, however, can easily train them to be friendly and sociable. Pit bulls are often trained to be working dogs, so their appearance, often considered tough and unapproachable, is just a lot of muscle. “Responsible breeders now breed against all forms of animal and human aggression, and have done so for many years,” according to Time.

“Pit bulls, as a group, are intelligent dogs, soft to their owners and relatively easy to train as they are eager to please their owners,” according to Rescue Every Dog.

One thought on “In defense of pit bulls: breed is loving, not vicious

  1. Thank you, Faith! As a pitty owner (Izzabella Rossallini Davis) it is not the breed that is vicious, it is the owner who trains the dog. Izzy is a snuggler, 90-lb lap dog!

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