How to end 4th quarter strong

As of March 12, the fourth and final quarter of the 2017-2018 school year has begun. Students have said that this quarter is the most stressful and involves the most thinking, planning, and preparation.  “I do believe fourth quarter is the hardest,” sophomore Abby Jarrold said, “Gathering and remembering all the information for the final exams can be hectic and exhausting.”

According to Total Tutoring, the five ways to finish the 4th quarter strong are to stay organized, practice routines, include relaxation, keep a calendar, and find exciting ways of learning, because “not only seniors get senioritis.”

Getting Organized

Organization is key. Keeping an organized system will assure you that everything is there in the right spot. By starting the 4th quarter organized, you will not feel as pressured when exams come around and you will save time and brain power for studying, rather than rushing to find and rearrange your materials at the last minute.

Practicing Routines

Practice makes perfect! Come up with a special study routine and use it every day. It’s better to study material over a course of time, rather than cramming shortly before the test.  “Take the information and break in up into chunks that help you learn it better,” school counselor Kaitlyn Richter said. “It is also important to not over study.  That is when you begin messing yourself up and making silly mistakes,” she added. Get into a habit of doing homework or studying at early times too. Staying up all night to study or do homework is less beneficial, as the brain has trouble taking in information without any sleep. According to Science Daily, the brain loses efficiency for each hour of sleep deficiency, so staying up all night will decrease learning and test-taking performance.

Including Relaxation

After a long day at school, student brains are worn out. Take small breaks while studying so you don’t overwork your brain. According to Scientific America, relaxation can replenish the brains capability to increase our attention, motivation, productivity, and creativity. Although breaks are beneficial, don’t procrastinate. We have all been guilty of holding off on homework for a little too long.

Keeping a Calendar

By keeping due dates and test days written down, you won’t ever have to walk into class reciting the classic saying, “we have a test today?” Being prepared is very important. A calendar of upcoming homework and tests will keep you alert of your school tasks. If you do bad on a test, homework can boost up your grade, so don’t forget about it either.

Finding Exciting Ways of Learning

There’s always a new way to learn. Switch things up a little. “It is important to use all of our senses when we study.  So hearing it, seeing it, touching, et cetera,” Richter said. “The more ways to learn the information, the better.” Reading the textbook over and over again may get boring, so finding a new and fun way to learn will motivate and excite you to study.

Exam Material
A simple way to stay organized is to use binders or accordion folders for easy separation of different subjects. This allows a straightforward access to your materials for a stress-free and happier way to study.

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