9 outdoor activities for spring

By Maggie Deller

Even with Cincinnati’s unpredictable weather, Spring Break is a time that many want to spend outdoors. Since there can seem to be many more indoor than outdoor activities and many people may not know what to do once outside, here is a list of ways to soak up the sun during Spring Break.

Start Pedaling!

Exercise the fun way by dusting off your old bike and taking it to Milford Bike Trail. The Milford location opens onto the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which is about 76 miles long. Cool off by feeling the wind while riding, and get refreshed at the Milford Bike Trail’s snack bar. Biking is a way to stay fit that’s both simple and fun.

Purchase a mini cactus

Especially for amateur self-proclaimed botanists, a cactus is a very easy plant to care for. It only needs to be watered at minimum once a week, according to The Cactus & Succulent Society of America, for it to remain green and healthy. One nearby outdoor shop to purchase a cactus from is Plants by Wolfangel off Beechmont Avenue.

Take a hike!

Exercise can make people feel good, physically and mentally. A great place to hike, with the bonus of scenic nature, is the Cincinnati Nature Center. The fee to enter is $9 for adults, $6 for seniors and active military members, $4 for children, and $2 for dogs, but they also offer memberships. Students are recommended to visit to tap into their nature-side and to enjoy the spring weather.

Find a niche for a picnic

Spread out a blanket and bring a basket lunch to the neighborhood park or a Cincinnati park, such as Alms Park. This Cincinnati park offers a picnic area, a rental shelter, and plenty of grassy land to plop down on with some food. Try to avoid the ants while enjoying the day!

Frisbee Golf

What is better than a two-in-one sport? Woodland Mound offers a Frisbee golf course, with an admission fee of $3 for Hamilton County residents or $10 for an annual pass. A reservation is not required for the field. Whether it’s for their first time or their hundredth, students could play Frisbee Golf to stay active in a fun way over spring break.

Cast a line

What a catch the activity of fishing is! East Fork State Lake offers waters available for fishing. A fishing license is required for people aged sixteen and up. Students are recommended to visit this lake to enjoy a lazy spring day, whether it be fishing, swimming, boating, or just enjoying the sun.

Hit a ball

Julifs Park offers free tennis courts to the public. Pull out the tennis shoes and hit a ball back and forth with friends or family. Three courts are available to enjoy, as well as a view of the greenery of the Anderson park. You will need your own rackets and tennis balls, though.

Mini golf

Etter’s Golf Center off Reading Road offers decorative mini golf in two 18-hole courses. Admission for one 18-hole course is $5 per person, and to play on both courses is $7 per person. No reservation is required. Students are recommended to take a swing in this multicolored course to test their skills and to have some fun together.

Visit the Great Parks

Loads of fun and different activities are located right at your local parks. The different Great Parks of Hamilton County offer ball fields, Frisbee golf courses, scenic views, lakes for canoeing and kayaking, Parcours areas, nature, bike trails, and more. For more information on the Great Parks, visit Hamilton County Parks offer scenic Spring Break destinations. 

spring break picture

Plants by Wolfangel sells many types of plants, including miniature cacti, great for planting and tending to over Spring Break. The shop extends outside where a variety of plants are displayed.

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