Freshmen share thoughts on current seniors

By Gracie Rudolph

Full of drama, fun, and some mood swings, the senior class has made its mark on McNicholas and the freshmen have something to say about it. Freshman Joseph Haugh said that if he could describe the senior class in one word, it would be “weird.”

One moment they act all nice to freshmen, and then they aren’t, he said. On the contrary, Haugh added that most of the seniors he has interacted with have been genuinely nice, especially the football team, “The football team, they always made sure to include [freshmen] and make us feel welcomed.” For instance, when Haugh needed a ride to his step dad’s work, senior Sam Martin gave him a ride without questioning it.

However, Haugh did mention that while most of the seniors have been genuinely nice to him, “I do not like how some of them are cocky. Some of them often think they are better than us freshmen just because they are seniors.”

Through a recent survey, some freshmen shared how certain seniors have impacted their time at McNick. Freshman Ian Phillips said, “My cousin, [senior] Lauren Mindrum, has always had an impact on me. She’s very smart and an amazing singer [and] actor and I really look up to her for it, and to everyone in theatre, for always helping and teaching me.”

“A lot of the seniors in band have been great role models for the freshmen. They’re always there to give advice and help us through our journey through high school,” freshman Katy Einberger said.

“I feel like the seniors on the basketball team really embraced us as a freshman class,” freshman Nicholas Clark said, “Especially when it’s always talked about how mean seniors are to freshman, I feel like they are just the opposite.”

Freshman Olivia Rohling said, “All the seniors this year…made the freshmen feel more welcome here and were so awesome helping us find our way. Seniors are supposedly scary, but not here in my opinion.”

Some freshmen, however, do not agree and would like seniors to consider not “booing” the freshmen anymore during cheers.

The freshmen would also like to leave the seniors with some pieces of advice and kindness. Freshman Gus Gibbons advised, “Don’t get too stressed out with college and make the most of what little time you have here at McNick.”

Freshman Evan Bolin wanted seniors to understand that the freshmen know they can be annoying and they do not need to be told.

“You [seniors] are truly amazing and help us lower grades get through the rough transition of high school,” freshman Madeline Cogan added.

Freshmen Nicholas Schulte, Nicholas Clark, Will Tobin, Caden Conrad, Connor Huss, Jack Dause, Max Minardi, Clay Badylak, and Hank Veeneman meet daily for A lunch in the front of the café and student union. Veeneman described the seniors by saying, “[The seniors] are super fun to be around and are fairly good role models. They will be missed.”

One thought on “Freshmen share thoughts on current seniors

  1. I also think us seniors booing the freshmen is a stupid practice, and have never done that. I think it is just a stupid practice that some of us hold on to because we were also booed as freshmen, and this is some kind of weird payback. Just know, freshmen, that none of those doing it really mean it. That’s just not what we are about here at McNick.

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