McNick spends Spring Break in Cincinnati

Having a week off school or work allows the perfect opportunity to check off items on your “to-do list” or to plan fun activities that you don’t normally do.  But do you actually do them? McNick staff and students started their Spring Break on March 30. The people who didn’t go the beach or some other vacation stayed in Cincinnati with some extra time on their hands.

Junior Noah Robb planned to spend most of his time with friends and family, but things didn’t go as he planned. “I did get to have extra time with my friends and family,” Robb said, but “I spent most of my time going to baseball games and practices which took up the majority of my Spring Break.”

With her two children, administrative assistant Jennifer Tumser planned an activity for every day of Spring Break. She planned to visit the Cincinnati Zoo, Scene 75, a butterfly show, the Candle Lab, and Mitchell’s Salon and Spa. “I didn’t get to complete everything because the Spring Break weather wasn’t as nice as it was in the past,” Tumser said. “I did make an unplanned visit to Columbus to see my sister and nephews,” she added.

Sophomore Maggie Scott planned nothing exciting for Spring Break, but the odds were in her favor. Scott spent her “stay-cation” with her friends exploring the city. She went to a Red’s game, downtown dinners, and the movies. “I wasn’t expecting it to be a Spring Break to remember because a lot of my friends left for vacation,” Scott said. “It was actually really fun, though. My friends and I went on a [Cincinnati] road trip and just stopped to random places and shopped.”

Sophomore Anna Schneider spent her time with Scott trying to find new and fun things to try. “We never had anything really planned,” Schneider said. “We just decided to do things in the split of the moment, which is why it made things so fun.” She described her Spring Break as involving lot of laughs, good music, and some forever cherished memories.  “Even if you stay in town while all your friends are in Florida, it shouldn’t stop you from having fun,” Schneider said. “There is plenty to do in Cincinnati.”

spring break
Sophomores Anna Schneider and Maggie Scott spent their spring break in Cincinnati. They attended the Cincinnati Red’s game on April 2 to watch the Red’s beat the Chicago Cubs. (photo courtesy of Scott)

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