McNick pets steal the spotlight

By Maggie Deller

Academics, sports, and extra curriculars are all obvious priorities of McNick students. Behind the scenes, however, pets are a big part of students’ lives at home. In light of the impact their pets have made on them, students answered questions about their pets to show off their unique personalities.


(Photo courtesy to All Creatures Animal Hospital)

Owner: Senior Kiernan Meakin

Name: Kiki

Gender: Female

Breed: Hungarian Puli

Nickname: Mop dog

Favorite activity: Meeting new people

Favorite treat: Chicken

Fun fact: She won a Halloween costume contest dressing up as a mop bucket and her story went viral.



(Photo courtesy to Lilly Osterday)

Owner: Junior Lilly Osterday

Name: Basil

Gender: Female

Breed: Mini Lop

Nickname: Basil Bun Bun

Favorite activity: Hopping around outside and chewing everything

Favorite treat: Dried papayas

Fun fact: Basil nudges my hand when she wants me to pet her, and she loves people.


sam (2)

(Photo courtesy to Sam Schaefer)

Owner: Senior Sam Schaefer

Name: Bella

Gender: Female

Breed: Greyhound-German Shepherd mix

Nickname: Bella-Boom-Boozle

Favorite activity: Hugging

Favorite treat: French fries

Fun fact: She is a rescue dog.



(Photo courtesy to Annie Savage)

Owner: Senior Annie Savage

Name: Kesha

Gender: Female

Breed: Manx

Nickname: Mrs. Buttons

Favorite activity: Chasing mice [and] sleeping

Favorite treat: Temptations [Cat Treats]

Fun fact: We rescued her from [the] side of the road.



(Photo courtesy to Lindsey Hamad)

Owner: Senior Lindsey Hamad

Name: Sandy

Gender: female

Breed: Shih-poo

Nicknames: San, San-San, baby, and puppy

Favorite activity: Probably sleeping, but she loves going on walks.

Favorite treat: Her favorite human food is probably bread, cheese, or peanut butter.

Fun fact: She is named Sandy because she is the color of sand, and her middle name is Beaches.



(Photo courtesy to Henry Foley)

Owner: Junior Henry Foley

Name: Linus

Gender: Male

Breed: Lab-Collie mix

Nickname: Eagy

Favorite activity: Chewing bones

Favorite treat: Marshmallows

Fun fact: He has a very loud bark [and was adopted from] Peppermint Pig.



(Photo Courtesy to Jeb Benson)

Owner: Senior Jeb Benson

Name: Vinny

Gender: Male

Breed: Dachshund

Favorite activity: He loves chasing his ball and he loves barking at squirrels.

Favorite treat: Anything, including broccoli

Fun fact: He jumped out of the window one time. He’s one of those big dogs in a small dog’s body.



(Photo courtesy to Logan Stanford)

Owner: Senior Logan Stanford

Name: Griffin

Gender: Male

Breed: Austrian Shepherd

Nickname: Griff for short

Favorite activity: Playing in the snow

Favorite treat: Pup-Peroni

Fun fact: He was born with four extra teeth.


sar (2)

(Photo courtesy to Sarah Waldeck)

Owner: Senior Sarah Waldeck

Name: Coco

Gender: Male

Breed: Mutt

Nickname: Coconut

Favorite activity: We like cuddling, and I especially hold him during storms.

Favorite treat: He likes the typical Milk Bone.

Fun fact: When we first got him from the shelter, [we] thought he was a girl.



Owner: Senior Maggie Deller

Name: Oval, since when he sits he forms a perfect oval

Gender: Male

Breed: Gerbil

Nicknames: Ovy, Fuzzy, Gerby

Favorite activity: Running, especially in his ball

Favorite treat: Pumpkin seeds

Fun fact: He purrs when people pet him.

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