Rocket Quiz: Are you more emo, goth, or scene

Made popular by Buzzfeed, entertainment quizzes have told us everything from which Friends character we are, which Harry Potter house we’re in, to what kind of dog breed we are. The Milestone has joined the movement with our own style of quizzes.

Emo, scene, and goth are different subcultures that some people may know about and even identify with some of the groups. According to Merriam-Webster, Emo, which is short for emotional, refers to a complex and emotional subgenre of punk rock. Scene is somewhat like emo, but has more to do with alternative style. Goths are those who wear a lot of black and wear makeup that tends to be more on the dramatic side according to Merriam-Webster. Take this quiz to find out to which group you truly belong.

(Featured Image courtesy of Alt Press.)

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