Eyebrow how to achieve eyebrow wow

Too bushy, too straight, or too thin, eyebrows can be a headache when it comes to looking your best. Do you wax, thread, or pluck your brows? Do you draw them on every morning? Or, do you just let them grow natural and hope for the best? Men and women strive to create the perfectly groomed eyebrows, but the method you choose should be your personal preference chosen based on comfort, cost, and results.


Waxing removes hair at the follicle, leaving skin smoother and reducing the time it takes for hair to grow back. According to oureverydaylife.com, if waxing is used frequently, the regrown hairs become softer, thinner and sparser. The practice of waxing requires very little time and effort. It should only take the technician about 15 minutes to wax your brows. Sophomore Emma Rack waxes her brows once a month. “It is super quick and easy and is pretty affordable for how much it impacts my appearance,” she said. Waxing costs around $15 for each wax which sounds fairly affordable, but it is recommended that you wax every 4-5 weeks.


According to InStyle Magazine, threading is an ancient Asian technique that removes unwanted hair by twisting a cotton thread to pull out the hair. It is now the go-to method for many women to get their brows perfectly shaped. Before booking an appointment to get your eyebrows threaded, let them grow out. This will give you the best results because it will give the technician more hair to work with. Junior Rachel Wittwer threads her eyebrows. “When I get [my eyebrows] waxed it makes me break out and irritates my skin, leaving it red. Threading is more gentle,” she said. According to health.costhelper.com threading in larger cities could cost as little as $5, but in places of less competition, it costs closer to $20. It is also recommended you have your eyebrows threaded every 3-4 weeks.


Plucking is the most affordable option when it comes eyebrow grooming, especially because you can do it yourself. However, it is said to be the most painful and time-consuming since you must pull out individual hairs one at a time. People have also been known to over-pluck their brows and then have trouble growing them back out. Junior Allyn Albers plucks her eyebrows herself. “I always ice my brows before I pluck them so it doesn’t hurt as bad when I go to pluck them,” she said. “I already have a pretty natural shape to my eyebrows so I don’t find it necessary to wax or thread them.” When plucking your brows, make sure to “opt for a sharp, slanted style” of tweezers, according to Kristie Streicher, creator of The Feathered Brow, which will grab tiny stray hairs quickly without pinching the skin.

Personally, I recommend waxing first, then plucking the hairs that were missed for a more defined shape. Then, fill in the sparse areas with your favorite brow pencil. I recommend the Anastasia brow wiz as a quick and easy option. For a more inexpensive option, Albers recommends the Maybelline brow drama collection.

Junior Allyn Albers has a natural brow shape that frames her face well. “I always have just plucked my eyebrows. It is the easiest and most affordable,” she said. “Mine don’t get too overgrown to where I have to wax or thread.”

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