College essentials to decorate dorms, cure homesickness, more

With college coming right around the corner for seniors, some may be nervous about what is in store for them. How will they combat homesickness, how will they stay on top of studying, and how will they make their dorm room feel like their own? English teacher Angie Noble reminisced on her time in college and shared her top tips for dealing with some of those stressors.

Homesickness remedies

Dealing with homesickness can be rough for many, especially if college is their first time staying away from home for an extended period of time. All that is wanted is familiarity and comfort from old friends and family. There are some cures or at least helpful items that can help to treat your homesickness though. Noble recommends using the same laundry softener and detergent that your family uses at home to do your laundry. When you are feeling homesick, Noble also suggested making a list of what you would be doing otherwise if you weren’t at college. She kept plenty of things in her room that reminded her of home too, like stuffed animals and the same comforter from home. She said that she called home often wanting to leave but her family refused to rescue her, which was the best thing for her. She added that she was lucky enough to have a group of girls to develop a close family with in her dorm.

Dealing with roommates

When you get annoyed with your roommates, find other common spaces for an escape. Whether that be someone else’s room, the library, or Starbucks, you are going to need alone time. When a roommate is doing something that annoys you, Noble said, “you have to learn to confront the situation sooner rather than letting it fester.…You have to try to tackle the conflict [and] learn to adult sooner.”

Dorm room must-haves

Some dorm room must-have’s that Noble suggested are your favorite sweatshirt, Clorox wipes, and decorative items to make the space homey. She said that you want things to make your room feel more like home and less like a place to sleep.  Get white boards and hang them outside your door with an expo marker so people can write notes to you and others. “You’re going to need morale boosters…. You need to know someone’s got your back,” she said.

Notetaking and study tips

When it comes to notetaking, Noble suggested handwriting everything to help with remembering. Typing on a computer does not register as well as physically writing out information. She added that even if you are taking a course that is a repeat of a high school class, still take thorough notes and study. Make sure that you review every day, but recognize when you are tired and give your mind a rest. During class, she suggested to always be active. “As soon as your professor starts talking, start taking notes.” A tip that helped her through college was getting to class early to listen to other, more prepared students quizzing each other before tests and quizzes.

The most essential school supplies

The first item on Noble’s essential school supply list is a good eraser. Most tests in college are scantron and no one in college is checking for missed erase marks. Next is an electric pencil sharpener. Having nice, sharp pencils is an essential. Make sure to have your favorite pens and pencils to make notetaking easier and more organized. A real alarm clock is an essential, phone mishaps happen and real alarm clocks are more reliable. Lastly, is good outerwear because you’re walking on campus in all kinds of weather. Noble said that “No one warned me it snowed in October at Bowling Green.”


English teacher Angie Noble shares her top tips for living away from home. “Just stick it out. You can do it,” she said. “Figure out what the end result is, find ways to cope, you can do it.” (Photo courtesy of Pinterest).

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