Summer Jams Playlist: Top 8 songs to jam to this summer

As the school year comes to a close, students enter their summer moods. No longer worrying about tests, homework, and the daily stressors found at school, students are given time to rest and rejuvenate before the next school year comes around. Good music accompanies a good summer, and in an effort to aid students in their search for the best summer song choices, The Milestone has compiled a list of songs into a Summer Jams Playlist. The top eight songs from the playlist are listed below. To listen to the whole playlist on Spotify, click here.

In My Home – Young the Giant

“In My Home” is an excellent start to the playlist with its energetic intro. The song is the embodiment of chasing one’s dreams and living carefree: “I’ve been racing all my life, and now I’m free,” the lyrics proclaim. Young the Giant creates an energetic and fast-paced sound with electric guitar and percussion, singing, “Oh, I know I was born for this, every night I dreamt of this, in my home.”

Lost in Japan – Shawn Mendes

The second song on the playlist, “Lost in Japan,” is a feel-good song with a lighter but bluesy sound. Mendes sings about flying to Japan on a whim to be with his significant other, just to be together and make some fun memories. “I got an idea, and I know that it sounds crazy,” he sings, “I just want to see ya’. Oh, I gotta’ ask, ‘Do you got plans tonight?’” “Lost in Japan” includes a strong drumbeat and a couple electronic elements, but smooths out the song with acoustic and bass guitar as well as piano.

Anna Sun – Walk the Moon

“Anna Sun” is a song reminiscent of being young and enjoying youth: “We’ve got no money but we’ve got hea-heart.” The song is fast moving and well put together with a slow building intro that takes listeners through the journey of youth. Walk the Moon combines a drum set and electric guitar for an excellent sound that’s great for carefree summer days and highway driving, singing, “Wait for summertime, coming up for air… We’re gonna’ rattle this ghost town.”

Waves – Tame Impala Remix – Miguel, Tame Impala

The Tame Impala remix of “Waves” is a song meant to dance to. Great percussion and solid vocals add to its beachy feel, fresh and breezy for the summer. “Wanna’ ride that wave, wanna’ ride that wave all night” – another carefree song encouraging the lazy days of lounging about and going with the flow.

All We Are – TiRon & Ayomari

“All We Are” is a song about making change happen. It’s a song that makes listeners think, and it has layer over layer of unique sounds. “Who we, who we are is all we, all we are. We just wanna’ play on the big top stage underneath the stars… so all we are is all I be,” the amazing vocals sing coupled with guitar. It’s a song that keeps teaching through different lyrics – “Together we make it count. Gather all our wits about us, we can make it count.”

Red Eye – Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s “Red Eye” is a song with that classic backroads sound. It feels like driving on a road surrounded by trees, the sun casting shadows through the leaves. “Red Eye” has great acoustic guitar and lyrics draw listeners in to set them free – “She don’t like small places. Give her highways and byways and don’t get stuck in her hair.”

Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart

“Lost in My Mind” is all about letting go of the materialistic parts of life and moving towards love and truth. The song has a bluegrass feel to it with a tambourine and piano paired with great percussion, creating a full sound. “Lost in My Mind” has breathtaking lyrics and great harmonies within the vocals, singing, “Put your dreams away for now. I won’t see you for some time. I am lost in my mind, I get lost in my mind.”

Cool Change – Little River Band

Little River Band’s “Cool Change” is a song with a nostalgic, older sound that just feels like you’re surrounded by water. “It’s kind of a special feeling, when you’re out on the sea alone, staring at the full moon like a lover,” the lyrics read, “time for a cool change. I know it’s time for a cool change.” With great vocals, piano, violin, percussion, and saxophone, “Cool Change” is the perfect feel-good song that you’ll have to sing along to.

Click here to listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

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