Spending Christmas in a full house: What it’s like to spend the holidays with siblings

The holidays are a time of joy and cheer, and to meet with family near and far; but what would it be like to spend the holidays with your other half? Rocket siblings share their experiences of growing up together, and spending the holidays as twins, triplets, and quadruplets. 



There are two sets of twins in the Class of 2022. Freshman Stephen Fridley talked about his favorite Christmas memories with his sister, Emily. “We always stay up late Christmas Eve and play games,” he said. “It’s definitely a lot easier having a twin, I don’t think I could be a single child now knowing what it’s like to have a twin,” Fridley said.  



One of the sophomore sets of twins, the Granlunds, talked about their experiences of being twins at Christmas time. There were times where the Granlunds were given the same gifts but in different colors. Frances was never jealous of her sister’s gifts if given something different, since they would usually share it, or if it was a present that fit their personal interests. Frances shared, “It isn’t hard to get a gift that my sister will like because I know what she likes.” Elizabeth said, “I always enjoy decorating the Christmas trees and putting lights outside. Being around my family in general is the best part.” 



Juniors Amber and Brittany Willis are members of the Class of 2020. Brittany shared that she does not find it difficult to give her sister gifts. “I usually make the gifts I give to Amber, and I usually find it pretty easy to create a personalized gift that she would like because I know her so well.” Amber said, “I find it easy to get Brittany Christmas gifts. I like to make the gifts I give to her.” Both shared that it is always fun to spend the holidays with each other.  



There are three pairs of twins, a set of triplets, and a set of quadruplets in the senior class. “Jill and I often got matching clothes when we were young. There were other times where we would get a gift together,” senior Olivia Tore said, Olivia also shared “When we were about eight. Jill got a High School Musical calendar, and I was really jealous of it for the rest of the week.”  

The set of triplets is the Burkhardts.  Jeremy Burkhardt shared that growing up, he and his siblings were never given the same gift and that “it’d be kind of weird if me, Josh, and Jasmine were all given skirts.” Burkhardt also said that his favorite memory at Christmas time is “when the family all slept over on Christmas Eve when we were little.”  

The Fehrs are McNick’s lone set of quadruplets. Bryan Fehr said that his favorite memory of Christmas time he shares with his siblings is “when Santa brought us our dog, Lucky, when we were 7.” He also said he enjoys the holidays better with his siblings around “because we go to our cousin’s house during the holidays and all of our cousins are older. Having my siblings there makes it less boring.”

fehrs christmas
The Fehr quadruplets and their brother, Jake, posing for their Christmas card.


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