School software system update: Spotify blocked

Upon returning to McNick for second semester classes, students discovered that Spotify, a popular music and podcast streaming platform, had become inaccessible with school internet.

Director of Technology, Andy Ey, has been fielding questions from both students and faculty/staff regarding the change.  According to Ey, there was no actual change in existing policy.  Instead it was the school’s wireless software system updating over the Christmas break which resulted in Spotify becoming inaccessible to students.

Senior Thomas McDermott questioned the policy and said, “I don’t understand how music is such a big problem that should be blocked.”

Senior Jeremy Burkhardt said, “I actually use YouTube for my music, but I find it weird that Spotify is blocked.”

Ey cited the student handbook which states, “The tablet is intended to be used for educational use only.”  Among the items deemed unacceptable by the handbook, is “streaming music,” which is categorized with games and videos.  There are also concerns about too many students streaming music at once slowing down the internet school-wide.  This is one of the reasons for the policy being enforced.

Some students, however, make the case that music does help with their education and that streaming music on the tablets should be an option.  Junior Anna Voet said, “The only way I can focus is if I listen to music.”

Ey says there will be no change in policy going forward in regards to Spotify.

Students can access Spotify through their phone using their own data at the discretion of their teacher.

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