McNicholas Theater to present Laughing Stock

The McNicholas Theater will present Laughing Stock by Charles Morey beginning January 24 for their winter play.

Laughing Stock follows the comical story of a struggling playhouse and the over-the-top people who work there as they attempt to perform three plays. Sophomore Connor Wray plays Jack Morris, a young actor taken under the wing of Gordon Page, the optimistic director, played by senior Mark Dill.

“We did it seven years ago and it was the most fun I ever had directing,” director Jeff Mulvey said.

“The premise is really cool for high school theater because it’s really cheap to produce. The actors wear contemporary clothing and the set design is simple, which allows us to focus on acting. I have a great cast, and I’m trying really hard to let them create their own version,” Mulvey added.

In addition to Dill and Wray, the cast is made up of junior Casey Kuhlman as Susannah Huntsman, junior Mary Schuh as Mary Pierre, senior Matt Pryor as Tyler Taylor, senior Ben Bravard as Vernon Volker, sophomore Ian Phillips as Richfield Hawksley, sophomore Katie McManus as Daisy Coates, junior Izzy Mulvey as Carla Conlin, senior Rylie Higgins as Sarah McKay, junior Caitlin Doyle as Hannah Mills, junior Alex Hagenbarth as Karma Schneider, senior Audrey Estes as Brenna Oakes, and junior Allie Hart as Jan Milliken.

Performances begin Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. followed by shows on the Jan. 25 and 26 at 7:30 p.m., and at 1 p.m. on Jan. 27. All shows are in the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre. All tickets are $12 and will be available for purchase during lunches Jan. 22-25. Online sales will also be available at

“I want the audience to laugh so hard that they cry. The potential is there to create uproarious laughter,” Mulvey said.

Senior Mark Dill, who plays Gordon Page, and sophomore Connor Wray, who plays Jack Morris, act as leads in the winter production of Laughing Stock. “The play is pleasantly enjoyable. The audience will be invested and want to keep their eyes on the show the whole time,” senior Mark Dill said.

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