Behind the camera: Junior contributes McNick photography

Pictures capture emotions and memories forever. Whether its smiling with your friends, scoring the winning shot at a soccer game, or cheering for the home team, junior Elizabeth Granlund captures these moments.

Granlund expressed a stronger interest in photography around the middle of freshman year with her family camera. She started out taking nature photos along with the occasional family photo. Later in the year, Granlund began to take photos for the McNicholas band. Twin sister Frances Granlund said, “She got into it because she could go and take pictures of people.”

Band Director Keith Nance warmly identifies Granlund as “a member of the band. Nance said, “She makes sure she gets pictures of everybody.” Nance recognizes Granlund as having “started out taking a few pictures of the band and then blowing up into full time photography.”

The McNicholas Yearbook uses some of the photos that Granlund takes at sports games and pep rallies. Yearbook Adviser Anne Jones said, “A lot of students were counting on her because she is really dedicated, she shows up to so many events and there were a lot of things our staffers couldn’t cover.”

Jones expressed gratitude to Granlund., “She covered us when it came down to it because we were able to use some of her photos. And it’s nice too just for a variety, because if a student is working on, let’s say the soccer page, it might be hard for them to get to multiple games. They might get to two but we want to really have more than two games worth of photos. When we add in what Lifetouch does for us and we add in Liz’s photos we can usually cover five or six games which is so much nicer than having a couple… She’s just a very skilled photographer so it improves the quality of our book because we can use some good strong photos.”

English department chair and mother of three Angie Noble remembered a time she used Granlund’s photos of Band Night for her daughter, Katie. “It was the Catholic School’s Week concert with the elementary schools and as I’m sitting there watching my daughter in the front row playing the flute, I thought how cool it was that she was playing in the band with her brother.I don’t have any pictures of her playing in the band, and my phone stinks, so I didn’t take any pictures of her and before I knew it the concert was over. Much to my surprise when I opened the folder of pictures for that night, the very first pictures were of my daughter.” Noble praised Granlund and said, “I was so grateful at that moment… not only does she take pictures of all these events, but she’s so thoughtful about taking pictures, she’s more than just a photographer. She’s not just snapping in the moment, she is thinking about the big picture and who would want these photos.”

Junior Elizabeth Granlund photographs the McNicholas football team during their game against Fenwick on Friday, Oct. 4. “She makes sure she gets pictures of everybody,” Band Director Keith Nance said.
Photo courtesy of Emma McSwigan

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