Get to know the ‘Humans of McNick’ Vol. 2: Tara Rammel

In 2010, Brandon Stanton began Humans of New York as a photography project. Somewhere along the way, he started not only asking for pictures of his subjects but their stories too. This feature series is entirely inspired by Humans of New York. To determine who will be interviewed for this feature, all 500+ students at McNicholas are compiled in a list and then sorted by a randomized generator, which picks the interviewee. For this edition, the “Human of McNick” is senior Tara Rammel

“Yesterday, I got in to my number one school for college and was offered a lot of good things. It was really exciting. It’s University of Tennessee and I want to major in nursing. I’ve thought about minoring in Spanish, so I would be able to be a traveling nurse internationally, but I still don’t know. I always thought it’d be fun to go different places and see different things while I do what I love at the same time. I’ve always been really interested in the medical field, but I’m not interested in all the schooling of a doctor. I feel like a job in the medical field is super versatile like you’ll always have a job, if you don’t like your job you can always look in to a different part of the medical field and find something that you would like.

I didn’t want to go to school [in Ohio] but it’s a four-hour drive from here so it’s not something that is inconvenient when I want to come home. The campus is gorgeous and they have a good nursing program and I just really liked being there. I’m nervous, it’s a lot of new and different things, but I think I’m more excited-nervous. I wanted to go out of state because I want something new. it’s not that I don’t like what’s going on here or the people here, but I was born and raised here; I just want to be somewhere else and meet new people.”

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